Is What Jennifer Did Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

A brand new true crime documentary is streaming exclusively on Netflix and here is everything you need to know about ‘What Jennifer Did’. Released particularly on 10 April 2024, within a very few days, this captivating documentary has become quite popular out there. Recalling all about the tragic incident that happened on the 8th of November, 2010, yet again, this documentary introduces us to Jennifer Pan. 

The one hour and twenty-seven minutes film mainly revolves around her first-degree murder charge. After almost five years of investigation, the court finally declared her to be the murderer of her parents! But the main question is why did she try to kill her father and mother? Why did she hire those intruders? Most importantly, is it all true or a made-up story? Well, to clear all your doubts, let us dig deep into the inside details of this eye-catching Netflix film. 

Is What Jennifer Did Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

Is What Jennifer Did Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

If you are looking for an intriguing Netflix documentary, then this has to be on top of your binge list. Directed by Jenny Popplewell, an innocent-looking girl’s true face and hidden motives were revealed in this engrossing Netflix movie. Who could have thought that a girl would be so brutal on her very own parents? From hiring three men to shoot down her mother and father, to telling the cops a blatant lie, little did Jennifer know that her whole plan would soon turn upside down. Surprisingly enough, her father, Huei Hann Pan luckily managed to survive this brutal attack and that’s when the ultimate truth unfolded to all of us! 

What Jennifer Did presents to us the horrific true story of Ontario, Canada, where a young adult didn’t even think twice before committing a serious crime. From interviewing the detectives involved in this criminal case to showcasing some of Jennifer’s text messages, they have covered it all here. Jennifer Pan might look like a normal human being, but since the beginning, she had a habit of lying constantly. 

For example, she told and even made her parents believe that she has graduated from high school and is attending college regularly. But in reality, she was barely seen on the campus of Ryerson University. Not to forget, she even went ahead and photoshopped report cards and student loan documents to make it all look real! But as they say, no matter how good of a liar you are, you can never escape your reality, the same saying goes for Jennifer as well. She tried really hard to hide her wrong deeds but ultimately, it was all brought out in public. 

Why Did Jennifer Pan Wanted Her Parents Dead?

Is What Jennifer Did Based On A True Story? Fact Check! 

From the very beginning, Jennifer had a love-and-hate relationship with her parents. Her dad wanted her to become a pharmacist, while her mother wanted to see her as a successful pianist. But, given her attitude and point of view on life, she always wanted something different for herself. Instead of listening to her parents, she preferred dating a drug dealer and sound criminal named Daniel Wong. Her impulsive and extremely aggressive behaviour toward her parents increased when both of them disapproved of her relationship.

Soon after, when they discovered that Jennifer was lying about everything related to her college, they decided to forbid her from seeing Wong anymore. And, this has to be the ultimate trigger point for her! She was so obsessed with her love life that she forgot the difference between good and bad. Out of desperation, anger and frustration,  Jennifer asked Wong for help and thus the two organized a strong murder plan. To avoid the police drama, they wanted this murder to look more like a robbery scene. 

But little did they know that this would be the very end of their criminal record. To give wings to their dirty motives, the two hired three hitmen named David Mylvaganam, Lenford Crawford, and Eric Carty! Initially, it seemed that Jennifer was an eye-witness of this ridiculous crime, but then it was revealed that she happens to be the mastermind here! Well, to know further about this intriguing movie, you can always head to Netflix. That’s all for today, to get more interesting updates on other such true-crime drama series and movies, stay connected with us, just right here.

Is What Jennifer Did Based On A True Story? Fact Check! – FAQs

1. Is What Jennifer Did based on facts?

Yes, the new Netflix documentary, What Jennifer Did is based on real-life facts.

2. Can you watch the true-crime documentary, What Jennifer Did online?

Yes, the true-crime documentary, What Jennifer Did can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix.

3. Is Jennifer Pan’s dad still alive?

Yes, Jennifer Pan’s dad is still alive. 

4. Is Jennifer Pan still completing her punishment in prison?

Yes, Jennifer Pan is still very much in jail. 

5. Did Jennifer Pan kill her mother?

Yes, Jennifer Pan did hire three men to kill her mother. 

6. Who helped Jennifer Pan in plotting this murder mystery? 

Daniel Wong, her boyfriend, who also happens to be a drug dealer, helped Jennifer in plotting this murder plan. 

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