Crooks Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

When your past has got some dark spots on it, how much you try to run away from it to any corner of the earth and start a new journey, that past is always going to haunt you and bring in more trouble in the future. and this is one of the main reasons, why you should do all your deeds, and make decisions very carefully. Somewhat similar is the storyline for Crooks. This German series has made it to the headlines with only a total of 8 episodes in hand and has also managed to get some of the most renowned faces of the industry on board for this particular project.

The lead character of this particular series, Charly is played by Frederick Lau and has surely outdone himself in this particular role. for those who don’t know, it is the tale of a locksmith who used to have a very criminal past where he used to break lockers and be part of huge heist projects. However, now he lives in Berlin with his family, far away from those notorious days. But as we said the past never stops haunting you and Charly is forced by some of his old workmates to take on a new heist project of retrieving a stolen very valuable coin, which involves a lot of gangster and mob culture, from where Charly has to save his family and also leave his notorious past forever. 

This particular show is created by Benjamin Hessler, Marvin Kren, and Georg Lippert, under the expert direction of Cuneyt Kaya and Marvin. When it comes to the reviews and ratings, it has been quite moderate as well compared to other series in this particular genre. Moving towards the main topic which is regarding Crooks season 2 release date. Unfortunately, as of now, we don’t have any updates from the makers and that is mainly because it has only been a while since the first season has made it to us.

Crooks Season 2 Release Date

Crooks Season 2 Release Date And All Other Updates!

The first season of the show went into its production stages in the year 2023 and after a long waiting period, it finally made it to us on the 4th of April, 2024 with a total of 8 episodes in hand. After a long wait, we can conclude that the fans have overall loved the show quite a lot however it can’t be labeled as a complete success from the studio’s point of view, which is one of the main reasons behind not receiving any renewal updates as of now. 

Along with that when it comes to the storyline, Charly has managed to achieve his goals, but there is surely some part of the story that has not been properly ventured into and that can be a key aspect for the second season. However, we also need to consider that this particular German show came out as a mini-series which reduces its chances for a second season. If the second season happens it is no way to make it to us before the end of 2025 for sure.

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Crooks Season 2 Story

The first season mainly revolves around how Charly is going to save his family from the sudden danger they are facing because of his past, while he gains a lot of new friends, he also ends up making a lot of new enemies. Though the first heist becomes quite problematic, he involves himself in the heist of cocaine as well which ends up creating a lot of mess. 

However, if the second season still happens it will not be based on the story of Charly and their family because they have ended up running away from the dangers, but it will mainly comprise Joseph and Nina, while she tries to get back her revenge for her father’s death.

Crooks Season 2 Cast

Although the second season has not been confirmed yet, if it happens, we are surely going to see a lot of old faces such as Frederick Lau, Christoph Krustler, Klara Mucci, and many others who have played a huge role in making the previous season of the show such a huge hit. However, for more updates, we will have to wait for further confirmation. 

Crooks Season 2 Trailer

As there have been no renewal updates for the second season of the show, we also have not received the trailer for it yet. However, the first season trailer is currently available for streaming on the YouTube and Netflix platforms.

Where Can We Watch Crooks Season 2?

The second season of the show if it happens will be available for streaming on the Netflix platform only, and that is because it is a Netflix original series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can i watch Crooks?

This show is available for streaming on the Netflix platform.

2.Is there going to be a second season for Crooks?

Though, there has been no confirmation, there are still chances for a second season.

3.How many seasons of Crooks are there?

As of now, this show has got only a single season.

4.How many episodes are there in Crooks?

This show has got a total of 8 episodes in hand.

5.When did the first season of Crooks come out?

The First season of the show made it to us on the 4th of April, 2024.

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