RuriDragon Chapter 11 Release Date, Storyline & Everything We Know So Far!

Magas have always been a breathtaking tale for their fans. Be it a romantic manga, or an enormous battle manga, all of them are so satisfying. Adding up to the list of your favourite mangas. We have something latest for you. Wanna know what? It’s Shonen magazine’s most-sold copies, “RuriDragon”. The narrative covers a young girl, leading a normal life. But suddenly her horns show up and she is unfurled with a deep dark secret. To know more about it, continue reading the article.

The series made its debut in the year 2022 and is long-going till now. With a total of 10 chapters released, and ready for the next. Fans believe the writers must be quick in releasing new chapters. Because they can’t wait to unfollow secrets. And cliffhangers keep jumping on their stomachs aching it. Well, do you even seek the release date of its new chapter? Then, you are in the right place. Come with us as we delve deep into the manga for you.

RuriDragon Chapter 11 Release Date

The last chapter of RuriDragon showed up on the reader’s screen, on 25th March, 2024. Due to different timezones, across the world, series hits on different dates. But most probably it’s the same all around the globe. With many mysteries waiting for the fans in the end. readers, do find it difficult to sit quietly and wait. Thus, the makers of the manga, have announced the chapter 11 release date. And its new one is to be released on April 1, 2024. Excited to know what’s coming next? Us too!

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Anticipated Plot Of Chapter 11

As the manga, commences its chapter 11 fans will get the answer to all their confusion. Every mystery will be solved. But what has happened lately? In the last chapter 10, we saw Ruri and her mother on the practice ground. While Ruri finds it difficult to confront her fiery powers. Her mother still has complete faith in Ruri. On her rooftop, practice session mother is interrupted with an important call. To pass her leisure time, Ruri walks into the arcade and regrets it.

Walking into the hall, she finds some girls from her school. Though, they never have acquainted well, befriended each other. Sharing sighs, and a complete girly gang off for a bowling match. On their way back home, Ruri discloses her secrets and shocks them. She promises to her friends, that she will confront the power of flying. The day they three will celebrate with “Free Flying”. As they all return to their homes. Ruri finds it exhausting the next morning to get up and move to school. 

Will Ruri confront her powers? Will she be able to win over her challenges? Unfolded the truths in chapter 11.

Recapitulating The Manga

A funny narrative, of a normal girl leading a common girl’s life. Waking up early, attending classes, and having fun with friends. Everything goes well, until one day the protagonist Ruri, finds horns growing from her head. Frustrated with the fact, she sprinted to her mother. Some dark secrets were unfolded to the fans and Ruri too. Her mother said that Ruri was a half-dragon. She was a dragon embodied as a human. Now, Ruri’s life is going to change completely. 

Ruri started facing problems, in balancing her school and personal life. She was assessed by her friends. None found it good to talk to her and rather was bullied. Ruri was upset but still gathered the courage to go to school. But one day, she felt something unusual. While sneezing, fire came out and burnt her throat. Due to their unusual powers, she couldn’t control and fainted. From that day, she felt dragon-like traits in herself. 

Ruri was not in the mood to meet anyone. She used to lock her up and corner herself in a dark room. But her mother showed her up and exaggerated her. She was forced to join school, and soon everything seemed to be normal. Ruri befriends two of the girls. While they continued to research Rui’s dragon powers. Ruri worked on having control over her. And this is how the three evolved deep friendship. Well, be ready to witness everything in the upcoming chapters. 

Where to Read RuriDragon?

It is available on MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump+ as well.

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