Is Land Of Bad A True Story? Liam Hemsworth’s New Film

When crisis comes, the most random decisions can take you out of dangerous situations if you stay calm. Land Of Bad presents a similar scenario. In this article, we will see – is Land Of Bad a true story?

The movie tells a dangerous tale of two agents trying their best to make it out of a situation alive. A sudden ambush has compromised their situation and they must find a proper solution in order to survive. Besides telling you if Land Of Bad is a true story or not, we will also tell you everything about this movie and it’s story.

Is Land Of Bad A True Story? Addressing The Rumours

Military forces are the treasure of any area state, or country. Be it on the field, or behind the scenes, every agent in the military has an immense impact on any mission. And when it comes to defending against terrorist forces, military forces are the best defenders standing on the face of the Earth. When Hollywood makes action movies about these heart-thumping stories of the military, they are always successful. We are not talking about any other film here, but we are talking about Land Of Bad, a recent film. Land of Bad is a gripping story of action and adventure.

The movie takes us deep into the heart of a soldier when his mission goes wrong horribly. When no option is there with him, he must depend solely on the concept of remote warfare. Right here, Land of Bad takes things a step further – how they do it or where they do it, we will let you know later. Since big names like Liam Hemsworth or William Eubank are associated with this film, people were excited. Since the film upholds a military mission in detail, everyone has applauded the story well. Eubank has managed to satisfy the audience with his film that’s full of action and thrills.

Now, a lot of fans want to know if this movie bases its storyline on genuine incidents. So, is Land Of Bada a true story? Did a mission go wrong in real life this way? If you think Land Of Bad is a true story, it is not. This film is entirely a fictional story of military action – the situation of this Delta Action unit is not real. But Eubank has crafted the story so intricately, that everything feels very real. The drone warfare and the remote sensing equipment exist in real life as well. But in reality, Land Of Bad is not a true story. The plot is not connected with any real incident in any way.

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Land Of Bad: A Soldier And A Pilot’s Saga

If you have already seen this movie, then you must know everything about this film already. Land Of Bad, the 2023 action film starts its story surrounding a Delta Rescue Unit. Kinney happens to be an amateur soldier who somehow had to risk his placement. The higher officials enlisted Kinney in an extremely risky rescue mission – since he was new in the army, Kinney did not know anything much regarding combat skills. Anyone with proper experience knows what it takes to successfully carry out a rescue mission. 

As a part of his mission, Kinney must extract someone important. A team of Islamic militants have captured an asset in the CIA. As a result, the Central Investigating Agency must get its assets back at all costs. They need to make sure that the agent stays alive and right throughout everything. With some of his fellow soldiers, Kinney goes out on this mission in the Philippines. Abel, Sugar and Bishop were assisting him through thick and thin. No matter how inexperienced he was, Kinney was gradually understanding how to carry the rescue mission out safely.

But suddenly, their team faces an unexpected ambush – this sudden incident leaves the small Delta Rescue Team spread around. Kinney gets extremely scared when he cannot spot anyone around him. Just when he thinks that Kinney is alone and everyone is dead, Kinney gets unexpected air support. Reaper is a drone pilot who ambushes his targets from up in the sky. After the sudden accident, Reaper becomes the eyes and ears of Kinney. Will an inexperienced Rookie Delta and a troubled Air Force Pilot be able to carry out the mission?

The Team Of Land Of Bad And Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie

Liam Hemsworth stars in this latest action flick as Kinney, the inexperienced Delta soldier. We have Russell Crowe as Reaper, the Air Force One man behind the Drone. Other notable cast members of this movie include Gunner Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Milo Ventimiglia, Chika Ikogwe, Robert Rabiah, Ricky Whittle, Eric Lee, Daniel MacPherson, Lincoln Lewis, Dhilan Sabapathy, George Burgess, and Joey Vieira. If you want to watch Land Of Bad, please head on to Apple TV.

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