Is 2012 Wanderlust Based On A True Story? What Are The Rumors Saying? Knowing The Truth!

On 24th February 2012, a comedy film was released in the theatres of the United States, and since then the film has been the most loved and watched film out there. The film deals with different genres at one time. It shows the themes of love, poverty, quirky teens, and many other genres. But one thing that makes it unique, is the love and trust the couple in here share, though they are trying to be separated from the people around them. 

But after 8 years of the film’s release, what has brought us to go back to the film’s plot and find for. What is that question that clicks all of us brains’? Well, that is about the film’s basis. Many of the film’s fans say, it is based on a true story, while some say it’s not based on a true story. To find out the correct thing and reason behind everything, we are here. We will be dealing with everything in the film today. Its basis, its plot, casts, and everything that you must know. So let us not prolong the time further and move next into the article. 

Is 2012 Wanderlust Based On A True Story?

The film, Wonderlust is a comedy film, that was released on February 24, 2012, in the United States. The fans were so indulged in the excitement of watching the film and its jolly mood, that they were not able to look for this question at that time. But, now 8 years after its release, there has been a question in the minds of the film’s fans if the film was based on a true story. Then, as a whole, the answer to this question is a big no, no. The film is just a fictional one and is not based on any real-life event or story. 

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What Does The Film Cover?

The film revolves around a couple, who decides to buy a new house in New York, as they feel they will be promoted in their works. Unfortunately, the opposite this happened, and they lost their jobs and homes too. Now, that they have to earn a living, decides to move to Atlanta to work with, George’s brother Rick. Thus, the couple Linda and George set on a journey to Atlanta. However, on their journey, something unusual happened. While on their break for a cup of tea, they saw a nude man welcoming them into the hotel, Elysium.

At first, this gesture shocked them, and the two decided to head to Atlanta. When they reached there, they saw, that Rick and his wife were having great chaos, so they turned their car down to Elysium and decided to stay there temporarily and see their culture. Staying there for a night and hanging out with the new friends, and quirky teens out there, the couple felt happy and cheerful. For days or weeks, everything went well, but then Linda was approached by Seth and George by Eva, to go intimate, respectively.

However, this modern idea didn’t suit George and he decided to leave the place with Linda. But Linda loved the approach and stayed back there, had sex with Seth, and the two fell in love. After days, passed when Linda, already saved the hotel from being demolished she was the god there, and George missing her, went back had a great fight with Seth, and brought back Linda, to his house. With their brains, Linda and George started a company of publishers and sold out millions of copies of the first published, politically thrilling novel. This was later adapted into a film as well, showing that if love can pull you down, then it can even push you to greater heights. 

Who Are Involved In The Film?

Wanderlust film written by David Wain has a small list of cast members including Geoge Gregenblatt played by Paul Rudd, and Linda Gregenbatt played by Jennifer Aniston are the protagonists of the film. The others joining them are Marisa by Micaelea Watkins, Eva by Malin Akerman, Wayne by Joe Lo Trugilo, Alomond Cohen by Lauren Ambrose, Karen by Kathyrn Hahn, Carvin by Alan Ada, Kathy by Kerri Kenney-Silver, Seth by Justin Theroux, Shari by Linda Lavin, Deena by Jessica St. Clair, Rodney by Jordan Peele, Rick by Ken Marino. Flunkie by Keegan-Michael Key and many others are in their cameo roles of reporters including, David Wain, Ray Liotta, Micahel Showalter, and Michael Ian Black. 

Where Is The Film Available?

For the fans to watch, Wanderlust is available on Jio Cinema and Prime Video as well.

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