Derailment Season 2 Release Date: Are Qi Lian And Xiao Yuan Coming Back?

Parallel universes are scary but what if they hold a gift for us there? Derailment presents us with a similar scenario. In this article, we will talk about the Derailment Season 2 release date.

The drama tells us about someone who gets regressed into a completely different universe. As things start to get bizarre, she meets someone who becomes her rock in the strange environment. Apart from talking about the Derailment Season 2 release date, we will also talk about the storyline in general.

Derailment Season 2 Release Date: Future Of This Chinese Drama

For years, scientists and entertainment fans have always gasped at one particular concept in the world. Parallel universes or alternate realities have always attracted people. The basic thought of exploring a world that’s different but the same at the same time is what terrifies us. Although there are theories and a lot of movies and series involving these, practically, there is no proof of it yet. Derailment Season 1 takes us through an interesting story of a parallel world. The drama is mainly about a girl who gets lost in the parallel reality.

For some reason, she loses her way into a scary universe. But on her way, she manages to come close to a man who vows to help her out. How it all ends and how well do they get along? Well, you will find all of these answers inside the drama itself. When this Chinese drama first came out, people were not much into it. After watching the first few episodes, the audience started to understand the plot more. As far as I know, the basic concept of a parallel world coupled with a sweet romance is just perfect. That’s why this drama has gained so many fans till now.

A lot of you might be interested in knowing more about the future of this Chinese drama. So, what is the Derailment Season 2 release date? Will there be any possibility of a new season coming up? As of now, there is no official update on the Derailment Season 2 release date. We have no idea if there will be any upcoming sequel to this drama. The makers of Derailment have not yet opened up about any plans regarding the second season. If they manage to come up with new plans, we might get a Derailment Season 2 release date.

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Derailment: Different Universes But Indifferent Fates?

Since a lot of people have already watched the first season of Derailment, I think you have watched this too. Just in case you have not, in this part, we have included a short recap of the storyline. Derailment Season 1 starts by showing us the life of a woman named Jiang Xiao Yuan. Xiao Yuan comes from a rich household – all her life, she never had to ask for anything else. She lives in such a wealthy lifestyle that Xiao Yuan never faced any crisis during her life. 

Her family’s status always kept her inside a sphere that protected her from harm’s way. Everything was going fine with her life, Xiao Yuan was living a happy life until one-day disaster struck. Xiao Yuan met with an accident and it took away her consciousness for some time. But miraculously, she did not die – her fate had other plans for her. Xiao Yuan was transferred to a parallel reality where she was different. In that parallel world, she is Xiao Yuan, but, she is poor and has never seen city life. She does not have that protective wall around her here at all.

Xiao Yuan was sad, angry, and helpless at the same time. She did not have any idea where to go or ask for help because the city felt lifeless to her presence. But one more strange incident happened to her as she was out. A stranger on the street, a handsome-looking man recognized her. In this parallel world, Qi Lian somehow understood that this was not the same Xiao Yuan that he knew. She is the same girl, but her world has changed her roots somehow. Will Xiao Yuan find a good friend in him? Will the two get along as romantic partners after some time?

The Team Behind Derailment Season 1 And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Drama

Lin Yi and Liu Haocun star as Qi Lian and Jiang Xiao Yuan, the two souls who are connecting with together. Other notable cast members in this drama include Wang Chacha, Yi Zhang, Li Tiannuo, Wanyan Luorong, Fan Shiran, Huang Shengchi, and Wang Ruixin. Since there are no official leaks about the Derailment Season 2 release date, we will have to wait. If you want to watch Derailment, please head on to Rakuten Viki or Apple TV+.

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