Azhar Iqubal Net Worth: More About The Shark Tank Judge

Over last few years, young successful people have appeared in Shark Tank and have influenced the young generation. Azhar Iqubal is one of them; in this article, we will talk about Azhar Iqubal net worth.

How he gained popularity or how he rose to his successful stand is indeed inspiring for all of us. Azhar Iqubal has gained a prominent name from netizens all around. That’s why, apart from talking about Azhar Iqubal net worth, we will let you know everything about the man himself.

Azhar Iqubal Net Worth: Everything We Know 

When the teaser of Shark Tank Season 3 first came out, we did not think it would be this much successful. With new people like Radhika Gupta and Azhar Iqubal, the show is already climbing up the ladder of ratings. Now, we are used to see middle aged, or aged CEOs or owners. There was this idea that was prevalent long ago – that success comes with experience, and experience comes with age. But sometimes, success comes with hard work. Success also comes with proper strategy and planning. Azhar Iqubal has proved this right, didn’t he?

Well, Azhar is a young man whose reach is mainly in the technological ecospace. He is a young CEO and co-founder of a company that lets us stay aware of what’s happening around. But how did he become so successful? How did Azhar Iqubal set foot to Shark Tank at such a young age? We will tell you everything in detail about the man, but for now, let us focus. When someone becomes successful, his fame skyrockets gradually. And so does his net worth – usually, you will spot this label that’s associated with celebrities.

But net worth is actually a good way of knowing how much successful an entrepreneur is. After Shark Tank season 3, people are really curious. So, what is Azhar Iqubal net worth? According to 2024, Azhar Iqubal net worth is more than 500 crores in Indian Rupees. His company Inshorts did not stop gaining popularity over the years, despite a lot of factors. After they launched an app, Azhar’s company gained huge revenue. Since he has a major stake or share in Inshorts, Azhar Iqubal net worth also kept increasing.

Azhar Iqubal: The IIT Dropout Who Became A Shark

In this new era, college degrees are not the only thing that can determine someone’s success. The same goes for Azhar Iqubal, the young new member of Shark Tank season 3. Azhar joined the IIT in Delhi after he cleared the JEE exam of 2009. He was an aspiring student in the department of Computer Science Engineering. Everything was going in sync until Azhar found out about entrepreneurship. After 3 years, he dropped out from IIT Delhi; the boy from Bihar kept on fighting for gaining his place in this world. 

With two college friends, Azhar made a Facebook page. This social media page later on became a News Article app. It allows users to read news articles in a very short time. These groundbreaking efforts skyrocketed Azhar Iqubal net worth. It also took his company to a next level within some years of its launch. After 12 years, Azhar Iqubal is now one of the youngest and most successful CEOs in India. His wealth has allowed Azhar to become a profitable investor as well. 

Azhar Iqubal has invested in successful startups like LocVid PVT LTD and QuickPay. You can find his startup advices on his LinkedIn and Instagram. His successful entrepreneurship landed him a feature in Leaders Of Asia. Azhar has appeared in Forbes India list twice and once under Forbes Asia. He has numerous accolades, but the first one was The Young Enterpreneur Award from Business World. The latest one includes his presence as a judge in Shark Tank India.

Inshorts: The Startup That Took The Internet Out By A Storm 

Azhar Iqubal might be the CEO and co-founder of Inshorts, but he had his friends alongside him. Deepit Purkayastha and Anunay Pandey started the Facebook page with Azhar. ‘News In Shorts’ delivered trending news in a summarised form. The daily working life of India does not have much time. So, Azhar addressed this problem and narrowed it down to only 60 words. 

After the page crossed thousands of followers, they transformed it into a profitable company. Times Internet was one of the first investors. The company publishes more than 500 articles in 60 words per day. It was a humble beginning but now, Inshorts has more than 1 crore downloads in Google Play Store.