The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 142 Release Date: Fans Await!

The upcoming release of Chapter 140 of The Constellation That Returned From Hell has the fans thrilled. Yeonseung Choi and other A-Class hunters have been called in by the Chinese Hunter Association to take on a significant threat. The S-Class monster known as the golden dragon is threatening the land and everything in its path. Whatever the situation, Choi needed this kind of work. It had been a while since he’d had any real breakthrough. The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 142 has been discussed below. Additionally, it was time to step things up a notch because the last chapter concentrated on Choi handling the influx of grunts.

The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 142 Release Date

Fans have been waiting for the release of the next chapter. Well, to their surprise, we can expect the 142nd chapter soon. The last chapter was released on the 30th of January, 2024. Keeping the previous records into consideration, we can expect the next chapter to be released before the 5th of February, 2024. Till then keep reading the previous chapters for a better understanding of the new ones.

The Constellation That Returned From Hell: Overview

In the previous chapter, a strange new figure was revealed to us; he was not at all what we had anticipated. One of the most renowned hunters of the first generation, Chen Saichi, was said to be among the strongest. But nobody suspected Chen Saichi was suffering from dementia, especially after his assistance was called for.

Since the Chinese Hunter Association was sheltering and defending Chen Siachi, Yeonseung had already surmised that something was wrong with him, but dementia was not a plausible explanation. Let’s see how the raid plays out in Chapter 141 of The Constellation That Returned From Hell. As we have previously shown in earlier chapters, the presence of the S-class monster Golden Dragon poses a serious threat to China and the entire world. It has the potential to destroy China and any other country that comes in its way because of its strength. The Chinese Association was forced to request outside assistance for precisely this reason.

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The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 139 Recap

During an internal conflict between the opposing group in Chapter 139, Cerdallihi takes up arms. Cerdallihi’s anger at Geraghty was only heightened by the boost he received from one of the demons. Choi was confused by the image and pondered if he should help anyone.

Choi arrived as Cerdallihi was about to strike his buddy, declaring that the servant of a demonic being needed to be dealt with right now. Cerdallihi was defeated by the fictitious hero when he used the treasure that had been granted to combat him. The other hunter only looked at him dumbfounded, giving one of their usual non-player character comments.

The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 140 Recap

The Star Cluster That Came Back From Hell Chapter 140 is Choi’s response to the impending dragon news that we get to read. Even if he wants to get to know Sehee, one response would be to say that his vacation with her is over. But the relationship he had with Seha, a far more gregarious person was the reason he knew. 

The chairman of China’s Hunt Association will be incensed at the thought of needing outside assistance. They have no other option, yet doing so will make them appear weak and hurt their standing internationally. They require everything since the monster they are facing is much more powerful than anything they have encountered. S Rank Hunter’s performance and behaviours will provide a clear picture of how he stacks up against the MC. It’s possible that he will simply pass away and Choi will inherit the honour in the end.  

Where To Read?

Unfortunately, the manhwa is not available to read in the translated version. However, readers can check sites like Manhwatop. In this, they can find The Constellation That Returned From Hell Chapter 140 to read. So go read the previous chapters to catch up on things!

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