I’m A Martial Art Villainess But I’m The Strongest Chapter 90 Release Date, Recap & Everything!

The series we will be discussing today the amazing manga, deals with the main character’s changing attitude. How he started in the beginning and how is he forwarding in the race of his life. The series covers all genres including fantasy, crime, drama, fight, war, romance, cheat, and everything else that you can add is in this series. Thus we can say it is a complete package of every mood and genre. 

The series we will be discussing today is, “I’m A Martial Art Villainess But I’m The Strongest”. This series made its debut on the Kakao Page in the Japanese language originally. Later, when fans of animes, associated with reading and knowing mangas in English, demanded the makers, the anime was translated into English and is streaming on the website, very popular for the fans to read manga there. But what’s the website? To know this read the article till the end. 

The series has already released its 89 chapters, and now it’s the turn for the release of chapter number, 90 which the fans have been asking for its release date. to tell you that only we are here. Not only that also, but the recap of the series and what you can expect to read in the next chapter is also added for you to read. And last but not least, we have added the outbound links to make you reach to the website to read this series. 

I’m A Martial Art Villainess But I’m The Strongest Chapter 90 Release Date

Scheduled to release every Sunday, the series has decided to release its new chapters on the Sunday of every week. and so according to their schedules, the series’ new chapter number 90 will be released on January 28, 2024, on Sunday in their official pages in both Japanese and English translated version. But here will the series be available to read? Well, to know this you must continue reading the series till the end. 

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What Can You Expect In Chapter 90?

The series is wholely revolves around the male lead character of the series, Namgoong, who has a life full of adventures. He had a good love life at the beginning of the series, but as soon as the series headed, fans came to know that he was calling off engagement with his fiance, Haewon. But why? He felt that wasn’t the right time for him to get married and all stuff did go on in his mind.

So coming up to the plot you can expect to reach it in the upcoming chapter of the series. The last chapter 89 of the series, ends with Namgoong apologizing to Haewon for his behavior, while Jowoon, their mutual friend listens to the conversation from a distance. He believes that the two had some feelings for each other. But the question here is why was Namgoogn apologizing for it? And what else had she said to him?

Further moving to chapter 90’s plot, you will know the orders that Soye was given by Namgoong and Haewon at the same time. Also, they are going to power up themselves together, that is they will be fighting a war against their enemies together. Well, this will continue about, how will they combine their powers together, and how ill they fight and win.

Recap Of The Series

The series as said begins with the love romance between Haeown and Namgoong. But later, he calls off their marriage for a reason. And now they are indulged in the argument. Haewon continuously passed on taunts and said harsh words to Namgoong. While he is trying to apologize to her for his behavior and forgive him. But Haewon is so cruel that she says, she can never accept his apology, and she does this because she is jealous of him.

The main moto behind, Haewon, breaking Namgoogn emotionally was his main character in the series. Also, she always finds him dumb and losing the power to think everything nice. Their friend Jowoon, who was standing at a distance from them listened to their conversation, and was confused as to why they were conversing now, Do they feel for each other even today? And even feels pity for Namgoong, for loving such an idiot and clingy girl, with a senseless attitude.  

Where Is The Series Available?

The series has all its chapters, available on Kakao Page in Japanese while on Tapas in English language. 

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