609 Bedtime Season 2 Release Date: Is Mum And Dew Returning?

If you are looking forward to getting confused by a romance cum mystery thai drama, 609 Bedtime is here for you. In this article, we will have a discussion on 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date.

The story revolves around a teen who loves to have flings with others. One day, he has sex with a strange man – from that day onward, he fails to erase that memory off no matter what he did. Apart from talking about 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date, we will also talk about the storyline in detail.

609 Bedtime Season 2 Release Date: The Thai Fantasy

We all love some spice when we are trying to watch any series out there. But do we ever expect mystery from a romance story? Personally I don’t – but a little bit of Intrigue is good for your heart. 609 Bedtime does not fail to amaze the romance lovers as well as mystery fans out there. This Thai origin drama revolves around a strange love story that will feel a bit complex. 609 Bedtime starts with our main character finding a stranger on the bed. They start to get close and finally, they end up getting intimate. Everything feels alright until he understands that something is definitely wrong.

He is not in his world anymore and this strange man will soon be murdered. Although the concept of such an alternate universe seems very lucrative at first. But as you keep on watching 609 Bedtime, things will start getting bizarre for you. The writers have tried connecting two different universes but they have left some considerable gap between. I mean, we love abstract theories like this, but the way screenwriters kept on twisting the plot, somewhere it feels unnecessary. Especially the part where we see lives getting destroyed by a love triangle that we did not need.

That’s why a big part of audience did not like the story of this Thai fantasy drama. 609 Bedtime has got low ratings on a lot of platforms. So, when are we getting 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date? Will it ever arrive? I don’t think there will be a second part of this. There is no update on 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date. Right now, we have not seen any announcement on any platform regarding this. Even if 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date comes, it would not be before 2025. Since the plot is pretty closed up, I don’t think it will arrive.

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609 Bedtime: A Romantically Bizarre Storyline 

Have you ever imagined what would happen if you could travel across realities? I mean, this would definitely make you feel uncomfortable and confused right? 609 Bedtime presents a similar scenario that is utterly confusing and almost impossible. The drama revolves around Mum, who happens to be the main character of our story. He lives alone with his sister Mint, who is not much impressed by her brother. Mum actually owns a bar – due to his good looks, women love him. Mum often loves to go out with girls working in his bar, too.

On the other hand, Mint is totally opposite. She craves for a good partner for her, but she is lonely in real life. Her brother earned this image of being a playboy after hooking up so much. As a result, Games, loves Vee, who happens to be the accountant. Mum got surprised to see a man getting attracted towards another man. Games adviced him to try getting out of his bounds once but Mum wanted girls only. Jokingly, Games told that Mum will end up making love with a man once. It was all going alright until one night Mum woke up different.

He lives in an apartment suite numbered 309, but he did not wake up alone. Mum woke up and saw a beautiful man sitting on his bed. This is an alternate universe and Dew owns room 309 in this one. The duo starts to talk and soon, they start to fall for each other. Just when they finish being intimate, a murderer enters their room and kills Dew. Soon after this strange incident, we see Mum back in his reality. Now that he has started liking Dew, Mum wants to change the future. He will try to stop Dew’s murder from happening, no matter whatever it takes.

The Team Behind 609 Bedtime And Official Streaming Platform Of The Drama

Ohm Thitiwat Ritprasert and Fluke Natouch Siripongthon stars as Mum and Dew, the ultimate romance duo. Other notable cast members include Emi Thasorn Klinnium, Potae Watcharayu Suradet, Plustor Pronpiphat Pattanasettanon, Tom Jakkrit Yompayorm, Get Sorawut Arunwattananunt, Nat Sakdatorn, Chua Sornchai Chatwiriyachai, Atom Pracharapon Thepsukdee, Memie Nutcha Laohalertchai, and Kenji Wasin Panunaporn. Since there will probably no 609 Bedtime Season 2 release date, please do not speculate much. If you want to watch 609 Bedtime, please head on to WeTV.

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