Salaar Part 2 Release Date Revealed- All Set To Hit The Theatres In 2025! 

Finally, after waiting for so long, Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire has been released on the giant screen. Guess what, the very talented and incredibly hot Indian actor of all time, Prabhas is back on our radar. Previously, we saw him in Adipurush and not to forget, many were not at all happy with his performance in the film! But this time, the actor has clearly managed to turn around the crowd! After facing heavy criticism for his last movie, Prabhas has made a solid comeback with Salaar Part 1. 

Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran and Shruti Haasan alongside Prabhas, we must admit that the movie is definitely worth bingeing. Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire marks the beginning of the epic thriller and we are also quite confident that the film will soon return with Part 2. According to the information gathered by us, the work has already begun on the sequel film. Thus, on popular demand, here is all we know so far about Salaar Part 2. 

Salaar Part 2 Release Date Revealed- All Set To Hit The Theatres In 2025! 

Salaar Part 2 Release Date Revealed- All Set To Hit The Theatres In 2025! 

After such a dramatic cliffhanger, how can we not expect to see Salaar Part 2? The movie is back in gossip and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. The action film undoubtedly impressed us a lot. As per recent records, the movie has already touched the gross target of ₹553 crore worldwide. But before we head to the thrilling plot of Salaar Part 1, let us quickly update you all about the creation of Part 2. As per our knowledge, the movie script is all ready to be executed and the original cast might soon return to star in Part 2. 

Moreover, the renowned producer of the film, Vijay Kiragandur has recently updated us about the sequel. According to him, the filming will start shortly. He further added that actor Prabhas is all booked for the next 15 months. As per various online sources, Salaar Part 2 is just a year away from us! As per our estimates, the audience will surely not have to wait much to begin the countdown for the sequel film. Keeping everything in mind, Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam will most probably be released around 2025.

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Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire Ending Explained – Why Did Vardha Voted Against The Ceasefire? 

A lot happened in the very first instalment of the franchise, the action thriller is not over yet! With shocking revelations and terrifying secrets, it will be intriguing to see who ultimately rules over the whole of Khansaar. We know you all are keenly looking forward to the spoilers! But before we head to the last part of our discussion, let us quickly give you all a vivid overview of Part 1, especially how it all wrapped up for now. We all saw how Vardha’s life was at stake and thus, the council of ministers had to interfere. Radha Rama wanted to save Vardha, and that’s why the compelling voting on ceasefire was held. 

But the main twist appeared when both sides had equal votes! Initially, we all thought that Vardha would want the ceasefire to take place, but his decision shocked us all. To break the tie for once and for all, Vardha was called to vote and to everyone’s surprise, he voted against the ceasefire! As anticipated by many, Vardha had different plans in mind. Knowing that his Salaar would do everything to protect him, he was quite confident of winning over his death! Given that his best friend was in danger, naturally, Deva was not expected to stay calm. He returned to Khansaar and marvellously, both won the battle. With the taste of victory, Vardha had proved his powers to others, and now he only wanted to sit on his father’s throne! 

Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam Spoilers Alert – How Did Vardha And Deva Become Enemies? 

Salaar Part 2 Release Date Revealed- All Set To Hit The Theatres In 2025! 

You ain’t the only one thinking about this question, even we are curious to find the answer here! Well, since the beginning, Deva has always stood by Vardha, but something surely happened between the two that bittered their friendship forever. In 2007, they were best of friends, while ten years later, in 2017, we see how Deva stood against Vardha! This will mainly be the focal point of Part 2. We still need to see how these two became arch-nemesis. 

Again, we must not forget the main revelation which happened during the climax of Part 1. It was finally disclosed to the audience how Deva was the original heir to the throne! He happens to be Dhaara’s son and we still don’t know whether Deva is aware of his true identity or not. All in all, we can say for sure that Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam will premiere with an even more shocking, compelling, and captivating storyline. 

Salaar Part 2 Release Date Revealed- All Set To Hit Theatres In 2025! – FAQs

1. Who is Deva’s original mother?

It was revealed in Salaar Part 1 that Dhaara is Deva’s original mother. 

2. Did Vardha vote in favour of the ceasefire?

Shockingly enough, Vardha did not vote in favour of the ceasefire. 

3. Was Deva able to save Aadhya?

Yes, Deva was able to save Aadhya. 

4. When will Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam roll out in the theatres?

As per our estimates, Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam might roll out around 2025. 

5. Has the filming started for Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam?

The filming for Salaar Part 2: Shauryanga Parvam is expected to start shortly. 

6. Who happens to be the original heir of Khansaar?

Deva happens to be the original heir of Khansaar. 

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