What Happened To Penny In EastEnders? Where Is The Girl Last Seen? How Is She? Looking For Answers!

EastEnders is a famous British TV Daily Soap show, which features various fictional characters playing the roles of common British families, who are undergoing different kinds of societal pressures and many more. This show has been going on since the year 1985 and has been going on till today. The series has welcomed many stars as well as bid farewell to many of them. But the fan’s love and support for this daily soap show is still the same. 

Back in the year 2007, the show was being criticized all over the globe for the use of its old characters only, and not accepting new ones. With this, the entry of a new male fictional character arrives, whose name is Jack Branning, and is played by Scott Maslen. The character Scoot played Jack was an anguish and characterless man, who was a cheap police officer and who accepted payment from drug dealers to pay these tips to them. 

Apart from being a nuisance police officer, he was also a bad father, as because of him his little daughter Penny Branning lost the command of his lower body. Yes, due to Jack’s wrong deeds, Penny was paralyzed for life. But how did this happen? So, to answer all these questions we are here. Above all, it will be fun reading for you.

What Happened To Penny In Eastenders?

Penny Branning is the daughter of Jack and his ex-wife Selina Branning. Jack as said earlier was a corrupt police man, who used to take money to tip off drug dealers. Once when he didn’t tip off and was arrested. One of the teammates of these drug dealers, hit Penny and Selina, by his car while they waited for the bus. After the treatment doctor said that Penny can never walk on her legs from now on. 

Later it was disclosed to Penny as well, that because of her father Jack, she was in this situation, where she always had to be in a wheelchair. And was paralyzed below her waist from childhood for her life ahead. Now the question must be arising in your brains, what happened between Jack and Penny after this? Are they still talking to each other? Is Penny still alive? Well, all of this is answered in the next segment. 

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Penny & Jack Story From 2008-present

Back in the year when all of this happened, Selina decided to leave Jack and shift with Penny to her hometown. In the year 2008, Penny and Selina decided to step back in France to meet JAck for the first time. Jack at that time was residing with his new girlfriend Ronnie Mitchell, who had a very short idea about JAck’s past life. As Penny and Selina reached France. Penny shared a cold relationship with Ronnie while warming relations with her father, Jack.

Penny’s aunt Tanya Branning was her mate in France, who used to cook meals for her and let her go shopping. But Penny still decides to return back to France to her mom, leaving behind Ronnie, Tanya, and Jack, which his father feels was a good decision for her. Later in the year 2015, when Jack decided to move to France to meet Penny and invite her to his second wedding with Ronnie, he was struck due to some business. Later he got a call from Penny in the year 2016, that she wouldn’t be attending his marriage because she would be busy with a doctor’s appointment. No connection, and suddenly Max, JAck’s brother calls off Penny’s name saying they know where she is. 

Where Is Penny At Present?

Jack’s brother while having an argument said he knows about Penny. Penny recently on January 1, 2024, is seen having a party with her cousins, Lauren and her son. Later in the morning, they three reached England airport, where LAuren’s bag smelled of drugs. When investigated along with Jack as one of the cops, he found it was of Penny. Now that he couldn’t enter into it personally, he decided to help his daughter out. Later, it is seen concluding that 

Jack asks Penny why she did that. Was it purposefully or just a mistake? And if the drugs are hers, why is she consuming them? All of these are yet to be answered in the next episode of the show EastEnders.

Where Is the Show Steaming?

The show is available on BBC One for the fans to binge it on.

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