Raktanchal Season 3 Release Date: Rumors About The BloodShedding Series

Mafias and gangsters have been the highlights of Indian cinemas for years back. But as they entered the world of series and TV serials, it has increased the craze and horror among their fans for real. The cinemas on one side where used to be the most horrific of all time, comprising the most dramatic and murder scenes in it. Now it is the series that holds all the terrific and horrific scenes for its fans. Back in the year 2020, a series titled Raktanchal made its debut on the known OTT platform. 

MX Player released its original bloodshed web series, Raktanchal with season 1 comprising 9 episodes, As soon as it came to an end, people dreamed of a second season, which came into the air in 2022. Now with the end of the second season, people are expecting fro third season to release in the year 2024. To overcome all of their queries and answer almost all of their questions, we are here again, with this amazing article. 

So, today we will be discussing the series Raktanchal, along with a quick glimpse of both of its seasons and, and course the cast of the series. So let us not wait for a moment let your excitement level down, and move into the next panel of the article. 

Raktanchal Season 3 Release Date

Raktanchal made its debut as MX Player originals on May 28, 202 with its first season making its way to the core of people’s hearts. As soon as the final episode for season 1 ended, people demanded that the second season come soon. And it was finally renewed. 

The second season was released on the same platform on February 11, 2022, with 9 episodes here as well. But that also ended with some cliffhangers. People are expecting the third season to hit their screens soon. As far as we have searched, there’s no official announcement by the makers about the series renewal, and even if it comes up it will be released in the middle of the last of the year 2024.

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Expected Plot Of Season 3 

Raktanchal series begins showing a note on the screens of the audiences that increases their excitement again. The notice says the storyline of the series is based on real-life events and mfias back in the 1980s. Yes, the story in the first season begins in the 1980s era, in the state of Uttar Pradesh small town of Purvanchal, famous for the ruling mafia, Waseem Khan. He was not only the popular and dangerous mafia but also the ruler of the tender mafia and loved being on the top. Opposing him was Vijay Singh, who was raised to be quite an intellectual boy, whose dream was to serve India as a civil servant, until his father was brutally murdered by the people of Waseem Khan. 

Season 1 was full of murder and a complete introduction to these two personalities and protagonists of the series. The second season was unexpectedly an extraordinary plot where Vijay Singh decided to stop his studies and rather challenged Waseem Khan to take revenge on him for killing his father. The series thus brings an unexpected turn in the plot of the series. With the end of season 2 with some cliffhangers, people are expecting season 3’s plot to be even more thrilling than these 2. 

Season 3 won’t be focusing on any other event except these two mafias, turning into a major fight anywhere they get a chance. One side is this ruling mafia king, Waseem Khan who can put anyone on a deathbed to be in the same ruling position. On the other side is Vijay Singh, who is a new turned mafia, in order to take revenge for his father’s death. Let’s see who wins the fight by the end.

Expected Cast Of Season 3

Both seasons of Raktanchal have had the same group of cast members, and so will season 3. The main protagonists of the series, Waseem Khan are played by Nikitin Dheer and Vijay Singh by Kranti Prakash Jha. The others in recurring roles involve, Seema by Rojini Chrakborthy, Roli by Soundrya Sharma, Tripurari by Pramod Pathak, Bechan by Chittranjan Tripathi, Katta by Krishna Bisht, Bindu by Kenisha Awasthi and many more are involved in the cast of Raktanchal. 

Where Is The Series Streaming?

Both of the seasons of Rakatcnahl are streaming on MX Player for the fans to binge on.

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