Will there be an Equalizer 4? The Answer Doesn’t Seem to Be as Delightful as the Series!

What originated as an authentic CBS take on vigilantism has now been transformed into a multi-billion dollar franchise. The CBS television series has evolved into a web series starring Queen Latifah and another film franchise led by Denzel Washington. Today though, I am focusing on Denzel’s Equalizer, which is nothing short of a euphemism of justice and vigilantism. Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the action thriller saga dips into the tenebrous waters of the underworld and harvests a propriety tale. The highlight of the series beyond its star-studded cast ensemble and compelling plot is its fresh perspective on peculiar subjects like justice.

The entire trilogy seamlessly blends this perspective into each of its core story arcs. This is the reason why a fourth instalment is so eagerly anticipated by fanatics. However, the creators don’t seem as enthusiastic about Equalizer 4. So, will there be an Equalizer after all or would you have to bid farewell to the Washington-led drama?

Will there be an Equalizer 4?

Will there be an Equalizer 4?

Equalizer has been a motif of intense drama right from the start. It was picked up by Russell Crowe in June 2010, who intended to embody the nimble-witted protagonist, Robert McCall. He had his eyes set on the role and wished for Paul Haggis to direct the thriller. However, due to some “internal issues”, the entire scenario flipped and Washington ended up as the leading character. Several alterations and altercations happened even after Fuqua commenced the filming for Equalizer. The film debuted on September 7, 2014, and was an immediate hit.

It was followed by the Sequalizer of Equalizer 2 as you may call it in 2018 with most of the cast intact. The third film hit theatres on August 28, 2023, after an almost 5-year hiatus. The delay was obviously due to the pandemic but the fourth iteration is being stalled for a different reason altogether. Washington, who cosplays the protagonist, has denied the plausibility of Equalizer 4. He is not up for returning to the franchise and has enunciated that “This is the end for me”.

Equalizer 4 Might Not Happen But a Spin-Off Might

Despite Denzel’s open refusal to become a part of the franchise, there is still a high chance that the franchise would continue. “It may not be the end, they may do another one, but it’s the end for me,” Denzel said in a pre-screening interview prior to Equalizer 3’s release. Moreover, the director has expressed interest in revisiting the saga and playing around for a while. If his admission is anything to go by, the fourth film, which will probably be a spin-off, could be more tech-savvy and engrossing.

“I definitely think about it a lot. Especially now with the new technology and AI and all that kind of stuff,” Antoine claimed while expressing his interest in bringing a new edge to the traditional Equalizer films. He also expressed intrigue in revamping the storyline and dedicating this upcoming film to Robert’s early life. “Is there a story to be told about how [McCall] became this person—the younger version? I’ve had that conversation with Richard Wenk quite a bit… I haven’t talked to Denzel about that yet. It’s all so fresh and new,” Fuqua further elaborated.

“I’m still watching [the technology]. I’ve watched Harrison Ford’s film and I know there’s other movies coming out… And I’m hearing the technology is getting better and better and better. So I’m kind of watching it to see where it goes.” He concluded in a rather ambiguous tone. But despite that, Fuqua has made it clear that the franchise isn’t dead yet. While Equalizer 4 might not happen with Denzel, it can still continue with a younger version of him or another vigilante taking over his throne. It would certainly take a while before the creators announce the release date, which will probably fall under the 2025 summer window.

The Equalizer In a Nutshell

The entire film franchise follows a retired U.S. Marine and DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) agent, Robert McCall (Washington). A tea enthusiast with a quiet demeanour and an intense personality, McCall has a mind-blowing perspective on life. He would rather chop heads and paint the town red than carry on with his silent life as a retired marine and hardware store clerk. Equalizer chronicles his journey of dishing out justice and weaving through a myriad of dead bodies and conspiracies.

The debut film sets the stage for Robert’s first unofficial mission of investigating the attack on his pal, Teri aka Alina (Chloë Grace Moretz). It throws him into the underbelly of the dark mafia kingdom, especially the Russian syndicate led by the oligarch, Vladimir Pushkin (Vladimir Kulich). He stumbles across one obstacle after another, survives one blow after another and swims through a pool of blood with an ease you could only admire.

Equalizer 2 Plot Introduces the Real Bloodbath

By the end of the debut film, Robert has started posting ads online as “The Equalizer”. However, he switches his role from being a hardware store operator to a driver for Lyft. Of course, that’s just a cover because he secretly continues playing the peacemaker and assisting those in need with the help of his former colleague, Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo). She is soon mugged of both, money and life, while on a mission to investigate a murder-slash-suicide of the Brussels wife though. 

McCall then reunites with another of his colleagues, Dave York () to probe Susan’s demise. As he continues searching for the truth, he discovers that Dave isn’t the saint he supposed him to be. Instead, Dave is the culprit and has sworn vengeance because he “felt used by the government”. The Sequalizer throws Robert into his past and reinforces his decision to leave the life of a mercenary behind him.

What could be Equalizer 4 be About?

The third and probably the final film in the franchise has Robert lounging in Sicily, sipping his coffee and reminiscing his favourite tea. His peace is soon disrupted when he stumbles across a crime enforcer, Lorenzo Vitale () and slaughters him at the winery. Before he can slither away unscathed, Robert is shot in the back by Vitale’s grandson. He survives the ambush and takes the ferry to the mainland but is unable to hold on any longer. He slips into unconsciousness and is later saved by a local carabinieri, Gio Bonucci ().

As Bonucci tries to stand against the Camorra’s injustice, he is pummelled within an inch of his life. Robert then embarks on a mission to avenge Gio and halt the tirade of Vincent, the Camorra syndicate’s head, and his brother, Marco. He falls into the crests of the mafia, almost losing himself in the mission. However, as always, McCall bounces back and succeeds in pushing Vincent back to his den. The film climaxes on a rather minimalistic tone with McCall finally enjoying a moment of peace with the local tribals.

Due to the same, the plot for Equalizer 4 seems uncertain–much like its future. Since Washington won’t be returning soon and the creators have pretty much wrapped the series with no cliffhangers, only a spin-off seems plausible. Also, there is a plausibility that someone else will take over “The Equalizer” throne and continue the saga. Nonetheless, nothing can be predicted for now.

Equalizer 4 Cast List Will be a Surprise Bomb

Much like the plot, the Equalizer 4 cast list will be a surprise bomb if the creators approve the return of the franchise. While Denzel wouldn’t be the protagonist, there is no denying that he could play a few scenes if the writer, Richard Wenk–or anyone else–goes ahead with portraying McCall’s early life.

Moreover, there is a plausibility that Susan’s god-daughter, Dakota Fanning, would lead the series and sidetrack Denzel. This alternative seems to have merit against others because, well, Dakota as Emma Collins, has already made a grand appearance in the third film. Her impulsive personality and twisted take on justice are a stark contrast to McCall’s quiet mein. Obviously, it is a vision none of us would want to miss out on.

Will there be an Equalizer 4?–FAQs

1. What is the Equalizer Series About?

It is an action thriller saga centred around a former DIA agent and a vigilante, Robert McCall (Denzel Washington).

2. Who is the Creator of the Equalizer Series?

The entire Equalizer saga is directed by The Magnificent Seven’s Antoine Fuqua.

3. Will there be an Equalizer 4?

No, Equalizer 4 hasn’t been confirmed yet.

4. When will Equalizer 4 Be Released?

Since it hasn’t been approved yet, the Equalizer 4 release date is uncertain.

5. Is there a Trailer Available for Equalizer 4?

No, there is no trailer available yet.

6. Where to Watch the Equalizer Series?

You can stream the Equalizer series on Netflix.