The Dilettante Chapter 46 Release Date Astounds Fanatics!

Manhwa series have always been favourites for readers due to the interesting plot and fantastic artwork they provide. Naver has provided the platform for a new and interesting Manawa series. This manhwa has a gripping storyline which attracted all the fans. Already 45 chapters have been released and people loved it. Now after reading all these 45 chapters fans are looking forward to The Dilettante Chapter 46 release date. Countdown has already begun and it is going to come any time now. To know everything about the expected release date, plotline, and cast details follow this article till the end.

The Dilettante Chapter 46 Release Date

It has now been officially announced that the awaited chapter of the series is going to be released on 10th December 2023. This release will be in Korean language and according to the Korean standard time. Release timing will be different for different time zones and regions. So fans are advised to know the correct timing for the release in their region. As it will be released in its original language, which is Korean, for now, the translated version will not be available.

Fans who read this series in English have to wait a little longer than the original release date. There are spoilers and rumors for the new chapter which will be told ahead in the article. Also, the expected plotline and the cast members for this chapter are included in this article. Naver is the platform where this chapter will be released and fans can read it from here. All the previous chapters are also present on this platform itself.

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The Diletantte Chapter 45: A Recap Of The Previous Chapter

In this chapter, we can read that Hana learns about Giulio who is the head of the Parenti family. It is a great mafia organization which is indulged in heinous crimes. This is of great importance as it is considered to be a high mafia faction in the mafia world. She is shocked by the revelation of this information. Also, Giulio is attached to the murder of her brother. This information is also now known to her which makes her even more amazed. And Guilio had a constant pattern of influencing Hana throughout this process. This is because Guilio wants Hana on his side and to accompany him.

Hana has been impressed by Guilio but now after knowing the truth her feelings have been halfway quenched. He too has some feelings for her and so he is convincing her to come with him. In this way, he will make sure that she knows about his passion for her and that she comes along with him. But Hana doesn’t want this to happen and wants to go away as soon as possible. She turns her back and finds ways to flee from there. But Guilio doesn’t let her go so easily, he won’t leave her without putting up a fight.

When Hana ignored and did not participate, he turned towards the people who were with her. He threatened her to cause harm to Eunseong and the other people. Guilio will do anything to get Hana into his life and live with her. It has now become a tough choice for Hana and what happens next will be seen in the next chapter.

The Diletantte Chapter 46: What Can Be Expected?

There are no spoilers about this chapter but there could be some expectations from the ending of the previous chapter. Hana is left with a choice in the previous chapter. She has to choose between living a life with Guilio by loving him or fleeing and falling in danger. We will be reading what she chooses in this chapter. Hana should now choose between her safety and life with Guilio.

For now, only this can be expected in the next chapter. However, it is going to be more thrilling than the previous chapter with more twists and turns. The cast and characters will be the same as in the previous chapter. There will not be any inclusion of other characters in the story in this chapter. But we couldn’t confirm this as there is no official statement regarding these. Till the time this chapter gets released nothing could be confirmed.

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