I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 Release Date: Official Update

We need change in life to grow, but too much change makes us grow apart from our favourite people. I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart shows us such a painful example. In this article, we will be talking about I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date.

Although you might think this story is only about sad endings, you are wrong. The plot tells us the story of two hearts getting seperated due to inevitable reasons, but there are a lot of events to happen still. Apart from talking about I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date, we will b3 discussing the story and possible spoilers of the chapter. 

I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 Release Date: Is It Coming Soon?

Romantic manhwas are good, but with time, we need some complex stories, too. As a result, some mangas or manhwas gradually start to fall from readership with time. I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart is a new title in the book of manhwas out there. Despite being a new name, I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart has managed to win over a lot of otakus with their unique storyline. If you have read this manhwa, you know how good the artworks are – the artists have improved their works. On the other hand, writers have also worked on their skills to make the manhwa more presentable.

I must admit, the otaku community as well as readers are extremely impressed with this manhwa. According to them, the main characters have got the perfect amount of exposure along with other characters. We have had 27 chapters till now and nothing seems too much out of the plot. As a result, I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart has gained a great fandom till now. Despite some of the few chapters that the manhwa readers did not like, rest of them recieved good amount of appreciation.

Now, the fans want to know about an upcoming chapter – so, what is I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date? Will this release on time? Since this is a pretty new manhwa, there might be slight chances for this chapter to get a late release. However, despite the chances, I think you will get this in time. I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date is 11th December 2023. You will be able to read the chapter on Monday. This remains same for Japan, Korea, India, the United States, Singapore, Philippines and Canada. Everywhere, I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date will be same.

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I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart: A Tale Of Two Lives

This manhwa tells us a complex story that deals with two hearts. I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart revolves around the lives of a girl and a prince. Prince Tesvalun Neusville is was set to be the future ruler of their kingdom. Lady Euceniel Hardrant was a close friend of our prince. Being the female lead of I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart, she was affectionate to Prince Tesvalun, our male lead. Despite their economical and societal difference, the duo were close friends. In fact, the girl and the prince were two childhood friends. But one day, due to an unavoidable situation, the duo got seperated from one another. 

The girl, Lady Euceniel had to take her family far away from the kingdom of that prince in order to survive and live freely. It was one of the most traumatic incidents of their lives but somehow, the girl managed to live through it. Since Prince Tesvalun and Lady Euceniel had a sweet bond between them, it is normal for them to not fall apart. That’s what Lady Euceniel thought when she and her family returned from the long exile. But here lies the twist – she failed to recognise her old friend. It’s not as of Tesvalun was not there anymore, or there was a new prince in his place.

Euceniel used to call the Prince as her ‘Tess’. But now he has changed his nature and looks completely – Euceniel could not withstand it. Tess was no longer there, and instead, there was a ruthless heartless cold soul sitting on the throne. In Chapter 27, we saw the devil within our prince trying to break free. Not only Tess, the whole Imperial family was busy fighting the devils within them. Tess had a troubled childhood especially when his mother tried to kill him. He was set to be sacrificed after his younger brother came.

What Can We Get From Chapter 28 And Official Reading Platform Of This Manhwa

In the last chapter, the devil was busy in triggering Tess into doing something shady. If Tess fell for the trap, he would have done something that would make him feel regret for the rest of his life. Our male lead does not even understand that the devil’s impulses are just one bad day away from driving him off the cliff. He just escapes from situations by telling that he does not feel good. Chapter 28 might be instrumental in solving his fight with his inner demons. But until I Captured The Tyrant’s Heart Chapter 28 release date is arriving, we cannot say for sure. If you want to read the manhwa, please head on to Naver Webtoon.

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