Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 Release Date: Sooner Than You Expect?

If you got one chance to make one decision in life that would make you the ruler of this world, wouldn’t you take it? Sounds futuristic, but is possible if you can turn back time. Past Life Regressor (2022) deals with such an attractive concept.

The protagonist here actually wants to become successful. Somehow, he gets the power to visit his past – he retakes every decision he has taken and becomes rich. I myself have loved this story, so I can easily understand why people love this so much. A huge number of fans want to know about this manhwa. They are eager to know about the release date of Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52.

Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Since the very beginning of the science fiction era, people have fallen in love with the concept of time travel. Despite the presence of so many logical and dangerous paradoxes regarding traveling to the past, or carving out a different future, even today, people are desperate to gain control over time. Hence, stories having these types of concepts are an absolute win for the creators. Past Life Regressor (2022) talks about a man who has somehow learned to travel back. Hence, in the new life he would form, he would make some wise decisions.

Manhwa readers have loved how the story has unfolded. This is actually a remake of the original one having the same title, and the readers have mixed reviews about this new endeavor of the creators. Some of them think that this new version has poorly drawn characters. Whereas, to some, this remake stands out tall despite being a remake. But overall, people are extremely excited about any future updates about this manhwa and its story. So, what might be the Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 release date?

Since this is a hot topic for the otakus right now, I would love to get your utmost attention. Yes, an upcoming chapter is on its way. Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 release date is 1st October 2023. Indian otakus will get this after 8.30 p.m., Sunday. This release schedule is the same for other regions like New York, the Philippines, Singapore, and Central and Eastern Europe. But if you can read this from Japan, Australia, Korea, and Indonesia, for you, the Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 release date is 2nd October 2023, Monday.

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Past Life Regressor (2022): A Future Where Time Is Money

Time travel is still an impossible task to achieve. But in this manhwa, our protagonist manages to do this. The main character has somehow managed to achieve the ability to reverse time. He finds a way to go back in time. This is actually a very dangerous situation if you consider it. But the main reason behind such a decision is his plans to become successful. Just imagine this – you have all the knowledge of the present world. If you had it decades ago, you could have achieved the world.

Our main character wants to do this. So, after gets the unique powers, he goes back to 28th February, 1985. It was the day when he was born. He has chalked out a plan to become successful. So, with his knowledge of this world, he will invest his money in all the company stocks that have gained immense success in the share market. Also, his goal is to monopolize all the dungeons of the world. He wants to be the most powerful peak holder of financial power.

In Chapter 51, we see Seonhu and Jamie are planning further improvements to their farmland. According to Jamie, it might be a well-sounding plan to convert their father’s farming lands into a well-furnished industrial complex or industrial estate. But in reality, this will not look attractive at all. Whereas, Seonhu seeks all the support from her. According to him, this scope will not be available in any other part of their country. He wants to build such a resort that it might also serve as a fallout center during nuclear attacks.

What Can We Get From Chapter 52 And Official Reading Platform

The last chapter reveals the main fear of Seonhu. It might not be life-threatening for him, but it icks him a lot. Seonhu senses that North Korea might launch an attack. And just in case it happens, he wants to build an industrial territory. In chapter 52, we might see Seonhu and Jamie coming to a unified decision. Both of them want to do something big with the farming estates left behind by their father.

If Jamie disagrees regarding the location, Seonhu might want to go on a journey purchasing every piece of barren land that’s available in the country. But it will be good for us if we just wait till the Past Life Regressor (2022) Chapter 52 release date arrives here. If you want to read the manhwa on the Kakao Page website, please click here.

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