Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Have you ever wondered what happens after death? You have. In fact, we all have. But what if, after death, you are reborn in a place that was hated by you in your past life? Living As The Enemy Prince presents us with a similar incident.

The plot talks about the life of a prince. He was living a peaceful and prosperous life until his enemy kingdom attacked. The prince fought valiantly in the war for his empire. And sadly, he faced his untimely demise. But soon, he found himself reborn as the prince of that kingdom. This critical plot belongs to the reincarnation manga category. Recently, manga readers have loved such a genre of mangas. They want to know about the release date of Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18.

Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 Release Date: What Do We Know

In this world, no matter if you are a believer or not, a lot of people deeply believe in the idea of getting born again after their death. It is considered to be a virtue if you get reincarnated as a member of the same family you had in your past life. But getting reborn as the enemy while having the memories of your last life? That is the worst case possible in this world. Living As The Enemy Prince shows us the story of such a man who faces such destiny in life.

In this previous life, he gets slain by the rival kingdom. He tried his best to fight but somehow, a small mistake led to his untimely death. The real twist came to the story when he opened his eyes after death. He found himself living again as the enemy prince of his past life. Let us focus on the main topic without discussing more about the story. A lot of the manga readers and otakus are interested in this manga. They are expecting a new chapter – so, what is the Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 release date?

A new chapter is definitely underway. It will be published soon by the creators. Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 release date is 23rd September 2023. In India, you’ll get it after 4.30 a.m., Saturday. The publishing date remains the same for areas like Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Phillippines, Australia, India, and Central and Eastern parts of Europe. Every chapter of this manga gets released every week. If there is any delay in the release date of Chapter 18, the creators will definitely inform us beforehand.

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Living As The Enemy Prince: A Mind-Boggling Tale Of Reincarnation

As the title suggests, if you ever find yourself living the life of your rival, you will be shocked, right? This has exactly happened with our main character. Bern was the would-be-king of the kingdom of Secretia. He was a proud man who was known for his sincere nature and good heart. Bern was a brave prince and never turned his back on the enemies. That’s why Bern did not hold back when Prince Calian of Kyris declared war against his kingdom. 

He resumed his position as the leader of war and proved his worth as the crown prince. Kyris has already destroyed Secretia before. But this time they managed to kill Prince Bern in the war. Surprisingly, Bern found himself reborn as “Enemy Prince” Calian – but this time, it was a decade before the war. He could remember every moment he lived in his past life as Prince Bern of Secretia. In Chapter 17, we can see the King and Queen are making a deal. This is going in favor of Calian.

The noblemen of the King’s courtroom gifted him a living flower that has magical powers. Since someone was dedicated to putting poison in Calian’s tea, he will be using that flower to find the traitor in the family. But at first, he wanted to confirm his doubt. So Calian poured the newly served cup of tea into the plant he was gifted. Within a matter of seconds, we saw how the living plant died. This made Calian extremely suspicious – he staged the entire thing so that no one could know he was doubting this.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 18 And Official Reading Platform

Since the last chapter ended with a lot of loose strings, the upcoming chapter will try to wrap some of them up. In Chapter 18, we might see Callian investigating Prince Planta. He was already expressing his grudge and disrespect against Callian and his family. So, he might be the one to arrange for the poisoning of Callian’s tea. This matter will definitely see a new end in the upcoming chapter of the manga.

This entire situation will definitely make Callian win many more favors from the King’s courtroom. But for now, let us stop making theories. It will be good to just wait till Living As The Enemy Prince Chapter 18 release date arrives and we get to read the manga. If you want to read this manga on Ridibooks, please click here.

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