When Will Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Release Date Receive Confirmation?

Gyeonwoo’s bittersweet tale, Individualistic Love, is best described as a forbidden romance. It features a shapeshifter, Lionel Milliard and portrays his journey of self-discovery. The author tries to blend in several tropes including reincarnation, romance and a sort of revenge, creating a delightful blend in the process. Though Individualistic Love is still in its early stages, boasting only a few chapters to its name, it is currently one of the trendiest manhwas on the Kakao Page. Gyeonwoo’s forbidden delicacy, similar to his previous works such as Obey Me and Upper Class Society, has amassed over a million monthly readers.

Now, these readers are wondering whether the author has confirmed the Individualistic Love Chapter 9 release date. With the latest twist instilled in the manga by Gyeongwoo, the anticipation is indeed soaring high. If you, too, are wondering about the same, dive in!

Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Release Date

Gyeonwoo began publishing the novel in early 2018. He maintained a consistent schedule and collected the individual chapters into two volumes which are available in the Naver Series. He then went on to adapt the novel into a manga and succeeded in capturing the attention of millions of readers. Neither the novel nor the manga is available in the English language though. Speculations circling the Internet suggest that the author, Gyeongwoo and the illustrator, Elche are working towards the translation. However, nothing has been officialized yet except the release date of the upcoming iteration.

Individualistic Love Chapter 9 is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2023. It will be available on the Kakao Page and Naver Series in the Korean language. Since the manga is yet to be licensed by a publication and the author hasn’t yet released it in the English version, the upcoming chapter won’t be available in the dubbed version. Some websites offer the translated version of the manga though.

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Individualistic Love Manga Overview

This Shoujo manga is set in a fantastical universe which was dominated by divine creatures a few decades ago. Their prowess permitted them to pull off any task from lifting mountains to parting the sea and altering lives with their compassion. However, as time passed by and conflicts overshadowed their abilities, these divine creatures began perishing. In a matter of decades, the entire species was abolished. But only one remained Lionel Milliard, the son of the now-deceased King of Humans.

Despite being the sole divine entity on the earth, Lionel is more cursed than blessed. He swiftly transforms from a tiger to a human, sometimes even unknowingly at awkward moments. Lionel is tasked with keeping the wild animals united and protecting them from the onslaught of human greed. He has spent all his life fulfilling responsibilities and dangling the edge between being both a beast and a human. Milliard then stumbles upon Hannah, a mischievous yet kindhearted enigma.

What begins as a heated clash between the two soon transforms into a deeper understanding. They develop a mutual friendship and start unravelling each other’s secrets. But then, Hannah discovers Lionel shapeshifting into a tiger and almost faints.

Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Plot

Left with no other option, Milliard admits that he is both, a human and a tiger. He doesn’t narrate his backstory and refrains from elaborating on the shapeshifting abilities though. Upon hearing Lionel’s confession, Hannah embarks on a quest to solve the puzzle that is Lionel.

In the previous chapter, after struggling to part ways with Hannah, Lionel finally reveals to her that he is not only a beast but also a God. As if the drama wasn’t sizzling yet, the author also introduced the readers to an anonymous woman. She infiltrates Lionel and Hannah’s breakfast date and demands he marry her right away or endure the consequences. Individualistic Love Chapter 9 is supposed to delve into Lionel’s relationship with this anonymous woman.

Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Release Date: FAQs 

1. What Is The Individualistic Love Manga About?

It is a fantastical tale revolving around a shapeshifter, Lionel Milliard, and his journey of weaving through mysterious relationships and creatures.

2. Who Is The Author Of Individualistic Love Manga?

The manga is written by Gyeonwoo and illustrated by Elche.

3. Is The Individualistic Love Manga Adapted From A Webtoon?

Yes, Individualistic Love is adapted from a webtoon.

4. Is The Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Release?

Individualistic Love Chapter 9 is scheduled to be released on September 20, 2023.

6. Where To Read Individualistic Love Chapter 9 Online?

You can read the manga online on the Kakao Page.

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