Blue Lock Chapter 233 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

If you are a football fan, anything that involves football will definitely make you interested. Especially if a manga is built up surrounding the concept of football, that’s like a boon. I’m talking about Buru Rokku, or, Blue Lock.

The whole story is about a specialized team of football players from Japan. They are undergoing training to improve their skills and after completing this, they will emerge as the greatest football players in the world. And if you fail to complete the training, you will be banished from being a footballer ever in your life. Trust me, this is one of the most popular mangas in the world. The fans are pretty much excited and they want to know about the release date of Blue Lock Chapter 233.

Blue Lock Chapter 233 Release Date: Sooner Than Expected?

You must have witnessed the success of the Japanese Football Team in the Fifa World Cup of 2018. They secured the 16th position in the Fifa official charts after the tournament ended. Our manga takes the story up after that event. The authorities launch the prestigious hell of a training called Blue Lock. You can already tell how much popularity Blue Lock has gained over the years. The manga has crossed the count of two hundred chapters now and the story does not seem to end so soon.

Every chapter comes up with a fresh exciting part of the story. If you have not yet read Blue Lock, trust me, you are really missing out. The creators have noticed how much the readers love this manga. And one thing I must add here – they have not yet disappointed us. The story is gripping and the characters have amazing arcs. Now, they want to know about a new chapter. So, what is Blue Lock Chapter 233 release date? When are we getting it?

We can have a discussion on the plot and possible spoilers in the next parts of our article here. For now, let me give you the answers you are looking for. Blue Lock Chapter 233 release date is 18th September 2023 in Japan. It will be available after 12 a.m., Monday. The release date remains the same for Japan, Korea, Australia and Indonesia. But if you are from areas like India, Europe, Singapore, New York, and the Philippines, Blue Lock Chapter 233 release date is 17th September 2023.

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Blue Lock Recap: The Path Towards Ultimate Glory Through Football

Since we are done discussing the release dates of the upcoming chapter, let me take you through the story of this manga. The name Blue Lock is actually the name of a fitness and training regime. This module was introduced by the Football Association of Japan after the Japan Football Team got up to the 16th position after the Fifa World Cup 2018 ended. Under the leadership of the legendary Ego Jinpachi, talented football players get handpicked to undergo the Blue Lock training module.

Although this seems like a fair chance and in most cases, it is, in reality, there is a bad flip side too. If you fail to complete the entire training, the association will ban you from playing football ever again. This shonen manga shows how Blue Lock just amplifies the skills, tactical elements, and striking skills of the footballers. So, every player is trying their best to embrace their inner heroism and be the greatest football player of their generation and generations to come. In Chapter 232, we see how Isagi is struggling.

Aiku is always defending his moves and making Isagi frustrated. But Kaiser, on the other hand, is also facing defeat since all he wants to do is to overdo what Isagi does. His ego is becoming a hindrance to his sportsmanship. Whereas Hiori is loving the game. Hiori was not a big fan of football. He was forced to play the game by his parents. But now that he has learned the steps and tasted success at a higher level, Hiori has discovered his strengths and identified his weaknesses.

What Can Happen In Chapter 233 And Reading Platform Of The Manga

In the last chapter, we have seen the irrelevant and logicless setup of the Ubers. They are at this point surrounding Barou’s stance so that he can be able to score the goal. In Chapter 233, we might see that this decision can be fatal for the Ubers in the long run. We might see Isagi and Hiori becoming desperate to score a goal and win this match. Since the Ubers have possession of the ball somehow, in the next chapter, we can see them progressing towards another goal.

Hiori and Isagi might stop working together after what happened in the last chapter. If ego gets involved, then the absence of logic affects the tactical ability. But, let us just wait till Blue Lock Chapter 233 release date arrives. If you want to read the manga on the Pocket Shonen Magazine website, click here.

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