Under The Oak Tree Chapter 73 Release Date: What To Expect & Where To Read?

Under The Oak Tree, is a fabulous and amazing manga series. this is a combination of comedy and drama but the maximum part of it shows the romance between the couple who were forced to be married. the two are separated by fate on the morning after their first marriage night, and it becomes difficult for both the prince and princess to get comfortable with each other after they are together. Well, this is an introduction to the series.

The series we will be discussing in this article today is introduced in the earlier paragraph. As much the intro looks fascinating the more attractive and fascinating is the series itself. This makes it the reason for being called the most loved and well-known manga series till now. The whole plot of the series will tell the love between the couple as they reunite after years.

So if you too feel excited and interested in delving deep into the series, let us just move ahead, without wasting much time. But continue reading the article till the end, as by the end you will be even more excited to read the novel, for here we will not only give you the series release date for new chapters but also the spoilers. 

Under The Oak Tree Chapter 73: Release Date

After the successful release of 72 chapters in total the series, is all set to release its 73rd chapter for its fans all around the globe. So the publishers have publically announced the release date for chapter 73 on September 18, 2023, on their official website, Manta.

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Plot Of The Series

The series, Under The Oak Tree, is a manga series, which shows the loving bond between the prince and princess. When Princess Maximilian was forced to marry Prince Sir Riftan she felt it would be a happy loving and romantic life with her husband. But the destinies had different plans for them. they both were separated just the next morning to their wedding, for Riftan had to leave for a battle or a campaign against the monsters.

Maxi waited for three long years for her husband to return back, and when he came back it was difficult for her to expect any love and care from him. In the next panel of the series, we saw, the two falling in love with each other and caring for each other. On one side Riftan wanted Maxi to live a lavish and carefree life away from all dangers, on the other side Maxi wanted to prove herself to the prince. And this shows their love in the ahead chapters. 

Previously In Chapter 72

As said before, Maxi wanted to prove her worth to Riftan, while Riftan wanted her to be safe in the palace and not do anything to harm herself. Irrespective of Riftan’s order and rules, she set out on a journey to help clean the wounds of the knights who were injured in a battle with the monster. The forest was full of monsters that could harm her to any extent. But still, she wanted to go there.

As Maxi reached the forest, she was helping knights clean their wounds and put bandages on them. he was using her mana to help the knights and when she was tired she decided to take a rest. while taking a rest, she was advised by a knight to get back to the castle as the place wasn’t safe enough and she was looking weak. But Maxi didn’t listen to him and asked him to wait until the Remdragon Knights and her husband Riftan arrived. 

But soon, she was in great danger. The knight saw a monster attacking her and he pulled her back. This made her smash into the ground and her body was shivering. soon Riftan arrived and saved her from the monster and when she came back to consciousness, she found herself on her bed. It was Riftan sitting beside her holding tight to make her feel warm, as she was shivering badly. shivering because she lost all her mana in helping the knights wounded in the war. 

Where Can Series Be Read

Under The Oak Tree series is available on the Manta website for the fans. Fans can read the raw manga with all its chapters previously released. 

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