Disobey The Duke, If You Dare Chapter 70 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers

The series “Disobey The Duke, If You Dare” is a romantic series, which shows the cute relationship between the most wanted handsome huk and the beautiful lady who has already fallen in deep love with him. The two are seen sharing a cute bond with each other. And a night where they both were close to each other.

The series we will be discussing today in this article is a romantic series and will give a complete package of entertainment to the readers of the manga from all over the world. Today we’ll be discussing this series in the article following and we will surely provide you with all the important points covered that you must know before entering the world of novels.

In this article, we will be giving you the release date for the new chapters of the series releasing soon, and also the spoilers for the newly released chapters. Along with that, the article will also give you a recap of the previous chapters of the series. And is sure to cover up and provide you with everything you must know by the end of the series before you go and read the novel itself. 

Disobey The Duke, If You Dare Chapter 70 Release Date

Chapter 70 of the series, is going to be released soon by the makers. And they have officially announced the release date of the series to be, 13 September 2023 on their official website, Ridi Books. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series, Disobey the Duke if You Dare is a romantic tale that revolves around the handsome hunk, Vald, and a beautiful lady, Lily who have fallen in deep love with each other. They both are seen sharing a cute bond at night and planning for their future too. The bond they both share is quite unique and cute to read.

In the previous chapters, Vald and Lily’s conversation opens up, with Vald expressing his love for Lily. They both are seen getting close to each other. As we saw in the very last chapters Vald already expressed his feelings to Lily, now it’s time for Lily to tell him what she feels for him. And this will be seen in the chapters to be released soon. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 70

Previously in chapter 69, we saw Vlad and Lily in Lily’s room where Vlad is injured and Lily is trying to console him. Not only this she is applying medicines to his wound. Vlad feels so great and loved for being treated with so much love and affection. Vlad in the last chapter has shown his love for Lily and asks her whether she is happy. with him or not.

Lily in the next segment feels now it is her time to show love to Vlad, and says they must now get ready for their future. On the other side, Vlad feels blessed to have a woman like a princess in his struggling life, and he says, he did something wrong to her putting a wall between both of them. Lily asks why he did so and in answer to that, he says he never wanted to tell Lily his truth because he loved her and also he never knew she would accept his reality or not, this made Vlad lie to her. 

In the next panel ahead, they both are seen coming close to each other as Lily cleans his wound, also Lily is seen trying to take the lovely conversation ahead and trying to win his love. Also, she feels it is the right time to express her immense love for Vlad. Their actions and conversation make it clear to the readers that they both are made for each other and also their relationship will prove to be the best one always. 

Later in the chapter we see, the meeting of royal members where everyone is discussing their last night’s experience with their loved one, while on the other side, Lily is seen daydreaming and Vlad, our handsome man is seen noticing his girl. when Lily was seen smiling thinking of the night, Vlad interrupted her saying Did you like the honeycake last night, Lily replied with a big smile on her face, Yes it was sweet and made me the happiest and luckiest woman in the world possibly.

Where Is The Series Available

Fans can read their favorite manga series Disobey the Duke, if You Dare, on Ridi Books.

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