I’ll Be Taking A Break For Personal Reasons Chapter 68 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler & Platform To Read

I’ll Be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons, is a cute blend of revengeful and comedy manga series. the series shows a man who has taken up the job of a teacher so that he can always eat good, tasty, and expensive foods. Being a foodie, he can compromise with anything expensive in his life, but never with the food he is eating. And if someone tries to put a hurdle between his food and him, he never leaves the person.

Well, you must be wondering who is this man, who can avenge anyone for his food, just for food. Let things be clear, it’s not just the food for Yoo IlShin, it is everything to him. Because Yoo works for it and if he isn’t getting good food it ruins her inner self. This is the story of one day when Yoo was going to have chicken soup, and suddenly it was spilled off. Spilled off by Shin Yoo.

Now, what will be Sin Yoo’s condition? And how will Yoo Ilshin take revenge on him? All these will be answered in this upcoming chapter. But this article will tell you the release date of its new chapters and its spoilers along with the recap of the previous chapters of the series. 

I’ll Be Taking A Break For Personal Reasons Chapter 68 Release Date

The series has been the most loved series among all the manga till time. this series on the demand of fans from all over the world is going to release chapter 68 on Thursday, 14 September 2023, on their official website, Naver. 

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Recap Of The Series

In the earlier chapters of the series, we saw Yoo IlShn, very excited to have chicken soup, and was waiting for it desperately. but something unfortunate happens and all his soups get silled off from the bowl, and the level of his anger is seen clearly. The readers feel, why is he so excited to have the chicken soup and why he gets so angry as it spills down.

Wait, let it be cleared again. Yoo IlShin is a man who loves food above everything, and he has taken up the job of a teacher so that he can earn enough money to have good, delicious, and expensive food. And he just can’t see his food getting wasted or spoiled in any condition. but as said before, while he was going to have his soup it got spilled off. How? It was Shin Yoo playing with his sword, when his sword came and entered his soup bowl, spilling it off in the ground. 

The anger of Yoo IlSin is now to be seen. It has crossed all the limits and he is ready to take revenge on Shin Yoo for doing this shit. The chapters have said how much he is excited about his food and now when it is wasted, it is sure to be the worst time for Shin Yoo and he will regret his actions, which he should have never done. 

Spoiler For Chapter 68

In the last chapter 67, we see Yoo IlShin waiting angrily for Shin Yoo to come in front of him so he can take revenge on him for spilling his food. Readers are excited to know what is Yoo Ilshin going to do with Shin Yoo. On the other side, we saw, the lady monster talking to the lizard to help her take revenge for Yoo IlShin by killing him.

The upcoming chapters are sure to give readers excitement on another level, as many things are coming up. They will get to know what has Yoo ilShin done with Shin Yoo, and also the revenge of the lady monster and lizard against Yoo Ilshin will also be a great point of attraction for the readers. As in the last chapter, Lizard has started its way to Earth to take revenge on Yoo Ilshin on his mother’s behalf.

In the next chapter, the lady and lizard will not kill Yoo IlShin but they will have a foolproof plan, to confront him soon and take revenge on him for his deeds. It will also show the revenge of Yoo IlShin against Shin Yoo and he will regret never doing this again. Thus the new upcoming chapters of the series are sure to be extremely hilarious and interesting to read.

Where Is The Series Available

Fans can read I’ll Be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons, a manga series on Naver Series and Naver Webtoon as well.

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