Make The Exorcist Fall in Love Chapter 48 Release Date, Spoiler & Platform To Read

Make the Exorcist Fall In Love is a blend of romantic and comedy manga series. this series is a story of a young and exorcist boy who is chosen by the divine people to fight against the demonic creatures. The fight is against the demons to protect humanity in this world. The series marks the fights and arguments between the divines and the demons. And this little young boy who is struggling hard between demons and divine fight is struggling even harder to balance his life between love and fight. 

Well, in their extremely chaotic life, he is worried about his peace, and suddenly a cute girl enters his life. Where his life is completely filled with chaos and fights all around only, there on the other side what he craves for is only peace and joy. And this peace and joy luckily he will be getting by this beautiful girl he meets in his school a night before the school festival.

The series is going to be extremely romantic and fierce as the battle begins, but out of everything one thing is sure and this series will entertain you at its highest. the series is sure to take you in an adventurous world, and so is this article. It will give you every point covered in the series before you enter the world of novels to read this manga further. 

Make The Exorcist Fall in Love Chapter 48 Release Date

After the successful release of 47 chapters of this amazing mana series, the fans are always super excited to read more of the series and demand to release new chapters really soon. Keeping in mind the wishes and demands of the readers the publishers have made the release date of chapter 48 official. The series’ chapter 48 is all set to be released on September 19, 2023, on their official website, Manga Plus.

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Previously In The Series

When humanity starts decreasing from the world, and tenses the divine people on the planet, the demons take birth and reincarnate in the form of dangerous demonic creatures which makes the entire planet scared of them. And then comes a divine creature chosen by the elderly divine people.

This series is the same, where the group of divine people choose a young boy named Saran, to protect humanity on the planet and fight with the demons. Well, the young boy is in confusion to know how will he deal with everything. He feels his life is full of chaos tensions and worries. 

Saran feels his life is a chaotic mess and wants some peace, love, and joy in his life. And his destiny plays new games with him now. Soon, he meets a beautiful girl, named Aria. Their love story is a unique one, for they will fall in love in no less time after they meet and then soon they will be fighting for and against each other, and finally, a love relationship will be seen. Yes, this all will be shown to you slowly, but this was a spoiler to make you feel relief about what you will be seeing ahead.

Storyline Of Chapter 47

In the last chapter 47 of the romantic manga series Make the Exorcist Fall in Love, readers are introduced to the young boy Saran and the girl he meets Aria. They both are working for their school festival. Saran is seen praising Aria’s singing and how much he loves to listen to her. they both are seen conversing in the whole chapter ahead and sharing a fun-loving conversation ahead.

Saran pleads with Mr. Priest to pardon him for hanging out with other girls. As he sees Aria approaching Mr. Priest he makes himself ready and thus, asks Aria to play with him in his new band on the night of the school festival. At first, Aria is confused about why is Sran asking her to play as he has left music a long time ago, but Saran makes sure she accepts this opportunity as he has feelings for her and feels it is the right time to express her feelings. 

As Aria agreed, Saran and Aria went in to choose their costumes for the performance, and Saran was teased by Aria for being shocked seeing her collection of clothes. Later at the end of the story, we saw them sharing a cute bond, and expect, Saran would soon express his feelings to Aria in the upcoming chapters for sure. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series, Make the Exorcist Fall in Love is available on their official website Manga Plus, for readers around the globe. 

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