Dreaming Freedom Chapter 105 Release Date, Rewind And More!

High school is the time when you make several friends. However, it is also the time when you lose friends due to various reasons. If somebody wants you only to be their friend and not of anybody else’s, it is surely problematic. Such is the case with Choi Jeongmin and Juhyeon. Their entire relationship is problematic. This entire plot makes the story of Dreaming Freedom more interesting. If you are willing to know when Chapter 105 will be released, you have come to the right place to know your answers. Here, we are going to discuss all the information that we have gathered so far about the manhwa Dreaming Freedom.

Dreaming Freedom Chapter 105 Release Date And More!

Dreaming Freedom is not exactly a new/recent manhwa, but since it was released in 2022, it can be claimed that it is kind of new. This manhwa has received 104 chapters so far. There has been a lot of misinformation getting spread regarding the chapter numbers of Dreaming Freedom, but we advise you not to get confused after coming across this misinformation. The release date of Chapter 105 has not been revealed as of now. The creators of the manhwa are currently a bit busy regarding the whole manhwa, therefore, they are not releasing any chapters as of now.

Will Dreaming Freedom have more chapters? We believe that Dreaming Freedom will have more chapters. Since Chapter 104 ended on an interesting note, we think that the creators are going to continue the manhwa, but they will take some time. Currently, they are not releasing any chapters, but they are going to release soon. They are probably having some sort of technical issues which is why they are getting late. However, we think that fans will get the chapters after some more days.

Will Dreaming Freedom be converted into a drama? We know that Korean dramas are sometimes the adaptation of Korean manhwa. But that does not mean that all the manhwa will be adapted into dramas. The same thing has happened with Dreaming Freedom. Although Dreaming Freedom has an interesting storyline and everything, the creators have not thought about converting the manhwa into a drama. If they had thought about this, they would have converted the manhwa into a drama long back. Since the creators have not stated anything about this matter, we think that Dreaming Freedom will not be converted into a Korean drama.

Dreaming Freedom Chapter 104 Rewind: Looking Back

Chapter 104 of Dreaming Freedom was quite interesting. The chapter begins with Choi Jeongmin asking Baek Siyun if he ever thinks about going back to his parents. She expresses her concern about Siyun and his parents. We find that Siyun is not too comfortable about talking on this matter, but he continues the conversation nevertheless. He tells Jeongmin that he does not really think about his parents. This also expresses the fact that Baek Siyun is not having a good relationship with his parents.

The chapter becomes all the more interesting when Jeongmin shares her story with Siyun. She tells him that she has a good relationship with her mother but her father ruins everything for them. After having a heart-to-heart conversation, we find that Jeongmin and Siyun kiss each other. The kiss was sweet. Baek Siyun does not expect Jeongmin to kiss him, but after she does it, he starts to feel that he needs to protect her. He is determined to love her and show her that he is worthy of her love. Hence, the first part of the chapter ends with both of them being girlfriend and boyfriend, finally!

Chapter 104 Part 2 Rewind: Looking Back Continued

During the second half of the chapter, we find that Beak Siyun is out in the cold while Jeongmin is in her house talking with her mother over the phone. Her mother is staying away from her father in a motel. Even if Jeongmin wants to call her mother to stay with her, but she cannot. After Baek Siyun returns home, Jeongmin and Siyun share a lovely hug and a kiss on the forehead. While Jeongmin is out, she meets Juhyeon at the store which is quite surprising for both of them. The chapter ends with somebody barging into the room of Baek Siyun and slapping him across his face. Thus it can be said that Chapter 104 ended on a cliffhanger.

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Dreaming Freedom Chapter 105 Expectations

In chapter 105, we will witness the tussle between Baek Siyun and the man who barged into the room. Who is this man? The answer to this question will also be revealed in the next chapter.

Dreaming Freedom Reading Platform

You can read the manhwa in Korean in Naver, and you can read the manhwa in English on Webtoon.

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