The Blood Knight’s Villains Chapter 23 Release Date: Is Phoenix Returning For The 23rd Chapter?

Kakao has been successful in serving fresh and new manga series to its readers. It has given readers with many interesting plots. People who have read series in Kakao would know that it is the best place to find manga series. Today we will be talking about one such manga series available on Kakao. The series we will talk about in this article is “The Blood Knight’s Villains”. Now this series has been very popular since its release. Readers and critics both have acclaimed the series and given positive reviews. This series has 22 chapters till now that are available on Kakao. Now fans are eager to know what happens next in the story. So they all are waiting for The Blood Knight’s Villains Chapter 23 Release date. In this article, we have given the date and also talked about the plot expectations so read it carefully till the end.

The Blood Knight’s Villains Chapter 23 Release Date

Fans who were waiting for this news can now stop their throbbing nerves. It is from the publishers that the 23rd chapter of the series will be released on 31 August 2023. Now clocks can be set by the fans to read the story ahead. Timings will vary like always so one who wishes to read this chapter has to know the timing for their region. And this chapter will be releasing its raw scan on this date. People who want the chapter to be translated into English have to wait for some more time. Kakao as told earlier is the platform where this series can be found out. So people who are new and want to read something exciting should visit Kakao. All the previous chapters are present on this platform and the new ones will be added to it here.

What To Expect From This Chapter?

Readers will witness Phoenix and his next move as he is now seen with the horse bandits. With him, he has the invisibility potion so this can be the next scene. He can take care of some of them with this potion. But it cannot guarantee them to be invisible permanently. So people will start seeing the bodies of bandits who have fallen. This means he will have to take help from the other guild members.

Now we can assume that these members who will help him will be Ellen and Luke. They can be assumed as they are the most capable ones among all others. Also, we could expect the traitor to help them. But he could also do his job of causing trouble for them. These all can be expected from the next chapter but nothing is confirmed. All of this can be confirmed after the chapter gets released. There are no spoilers till now so we could only assume about the story ahead.

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What Is The Story So Far?

This series aims to send the protagonist into the game world or make this game world turn into reality. Isekai is seen as the main character of the series. He is born into a new place where everything is strange around him. This is a completely different world in which the adventure begins. Phoenix has a great knowledge about the game and with this knowledge, he helps others leave the game. He is seen helping others and taking them out of predicaments. But now the game is still on. This is because the traitor hasn’t been caught yet.

It will end only when the traitor gets caught or else the predicament will continue further. This traitor is causing problems to Phoenix and others which is making their way more difficult. Now Phoenix is seen taking out others from the dungeon which would otherwise be very dangerous. They are out of the dungeon but the outside is still not clear. So fans now have to wait for Phoenix and his new plan to deal with the issue. Also, the traitor has to be kept track of with the use of some safety guide. Phoenix is strong enough because of his knowledge of the game and will definitely take some steps for the traitor. Now we will have to wait for the release of the next chapter to know about the story ahead.

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