Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap & Many More!

Reading manga and manhwa series has been the most popular task of the readers all around the world these days. The story of a gaming Nutubre and a content creator in the manhwa is ruling the hearts of readers these days. The gamer and streamer, who has already completed the game, and as it has gone old decides to leave things unexpected happen.

Solo Max-Level Newbie is a long-run manhwa series, which has already said much part of the series in its 100+ chapters already released on their official website, has made the fans go crazy by its unique story of bringing back the gaming streamer, who has left the world of gaming. But will he return back? And if yes, will he be able to complete the task, for which he is back?

All these questions are set to be answered in the upcoming chapters of the series. So if you too feel interested in knowing more about the series, you are at the right place. Continue reading the article and we’re sure to provide you with everything about the series so far by the end of this amazing article.  

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 116 Release Date

With the great release of the 115 chapters of the series, Solo Max-Level Newbie, and readers’ demands, the series publications have decided to release the new chapter of the series soon. And so chapter 116 is all set to be released on August 31, 2023. The series will be available on their official website manga and manhwa. 

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Recap Of The Series

The series, Solo Max-Level Newbie, begins with a popular Nutuber, a gaming streamer, and a content creator, who has already covered all the levels of the game, Tower Of Trials. As the popularity of the game has declined, he decides to leave his job and the group of subscribers and leave this work, as there is no more way to earn money here.

But as soon as Jinhyuk decides to leave this world of games, he is introduced to this world of the game in reality and they that if all the players do not clear the stages within the time period of 90 days, then humanity from the world will disappear and everything will be because of these gamers. Now if Jinyhuk knows every part of the game more than any player, he decides to stay back in the game and use his knowledge to help the world gain humanity back. 

Later in the series we find, Jinyhuk along with many other gamers trying to complete all the parts of the game, though he knows every part of it, still he needs help from the other gamers, as many things have been changed here. Along with Jinyhuk, many other players have now joined the game, including, Machedroth, Rick Hennessy, Melina, Alice, and many others who will be joining the team in the upcoming chapters of the series. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 116

In the last chapter 115, we saw many other players like, Machedorth and Lice joining the Jinyhuk in the game to protect humanity in the world and not let it perish from the world. We see Machedroth was teasing Alice. On the other side, we see Jinyhuk, waiting for Machedroth to give him some hints to help him move further in the level and upgrade his position.

Further, we see Machedroth getting shocked as Jinyhuk calls him by his original name and asks him how he knows his name. All the other gamers were frozen along with the other group of demons as well. Jinhyuk although knew every part of the game, still needed some clue to move further, he said to Machedroth and others that he was the dark disciple worshiped by the demons. 

While having a conversation with Machedroth, Jinyhuk said as he became a dark disciple he came to know many things about himself, and also discovered new things while serving his majesty. Machedrothe after listening to Jinyhuk decided to test his powers and values if he was really a dark disciple or was just joking and making him a fool. 

Where Is the Series Available

The series Solo Max-Level Newbie is available on their official website. All the earlier chapters, the new upcoming chapter 116, and all the new upcoming chapters will be available for readers on their official website only. Fans can thus read the chapters on the official website, Naver Webtoon

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