Nano Machine Chapter 168 Release Date, Spoiler, Plot & Everything You Must Know So Far

MAga on one side has become the most popular part of readers’ minds and hearts, as it is loved by almost everyone from different parts of the world. Readers have been liking the recent releases of the manga due to which all the other known manga series that have been running for a long time, are now releasing its new chapters in different languages.

Today we’ll be talking of the same long run but an amazing manga series of the earlier, which is running till now. And will be releasing its new chapter number 169 soon on its official website. The series is about a fighter, who was living a good life but due to some reasons lost everything and became cruel.

Yes, the series we’ll be discussing today is “Nano Machine” which has been running for a long time, and if you too feel interested to know more about it, we’re sure this article will provide you with all the facts you need to know before going ahead with the series. Let us know more of it, by continuing the article.

Nano Machine Chapter 168 Release Date

The series Nano Machine has been an ongoing series since the long years and is now all set to release its new chapter 168 in the demand of the readers who have made this series a long run and the most popular of the time. The series will be releasing its new chapter number 168 on August 24, 2023.

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Recap Of The Series

The series “Nano Machine” revolves around the protagonist of the series, Cheon Yeo-Woon, who has been a powerful member of the demonic cult and is an orphan kid. To help him pursue and win all the challenges ahead in his life, he is visited by one of his descendants and is embraced with a nano chip, which just changes his life and vision to see things.

Yeo-Woon is seen having a wife initially who dies due to some reason, and Yeo-woon decided never to remarry and be a one-woman man. But his life has different plans for him to be executed. He has an enemy in his life, Boon Wang, whose sister has been injured in a war against the demonic cults. And she can be cured with only one medicine.

The medicine can be found only by the grandchildren of the divine physician Granny Gam, but unfortunately, they are killed by Yeon Woon and thus Boon Wang is left with no antidote for saving his sister. But now he has to bow down in front of Yeon Woon to get his help. This will be the next scene ahead in the upcoming chapters of the series Nano Machine. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 168

In the last chapters of the manga we saw, the first wife of Yeon-woon dies and he is proposed to by Icy-Beauty to remarry her and accept her as his second wife. At first, Yeon Woon denied it but later agreed and they decided on a date to marry each other in the presence of her father who is the most powerful person of the demonic cult. 

When the marriage is denied by yeon woon, Mun Ku his friend asks him to agree to the marriage as her father is one of the five strongest men in the demonic cult. Moreover, the girl says, before marrying they must whether or not they love each other. And if yes they must marry within a night, with the permission of Icy Beauty’s father and brother. She diced t become Yeons second wife for she can assist Mun ku once he is left alone by Yeon for the fight ahead.

In the upcoming chapters we might see, Yeon Woon’s help for Icy to cure her illness and help her come out of every sort of the problems coming on her way. Also, we will be seeing Boon Wang seeking help to save her sister. In the upcoming chapters, we will be seeing their marriage and love relationship as well. Not only this but his enemy turned out to be his friend for he need Yen Woon’s help saving his sister. Not only this but also many questions will be answered by the writers of the series. 

Where Is The Series Available

The series Nano Machine is present on their official website for readers. While the new chapter 168 is also going to be released on August 24, 2023. Fans can watch the series on NAVER

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