The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 Release Date

If you were born as a demon, you could not have prayed to God. After all, you would be bowing down to your arch-enemy for granting you a wish. Now, Mangas with rebirths or time travels are not that common. And this genre has started to come up very recently. Today we will be talking about one such manga – The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life.

The story revolves around our demon hero, Roman Dimitri. Initially, he was born in Salamander. There, he was trained and prepared for absolute war. Roman could find the demon Alexander who controlled Valhalla and Kronos. He is even successful in assassinating him, but the story takes a huge turn. Roman discovers that Alexander was getting controlled all along by real demons. He manages to kill them all in their realm, but Roman discovers himself born on Earth after 2000 years. 

The story gets interesting from here Now, manga readers are intrigued to know about the next chapter of this manga. So, what is the release date of The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79? To know more about this, you have to read this article below.

The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 Release Date: What Do We Know

The manga has been quite promising to avid manga readers. Each chapter has shown how Roman Dimitri is conquering worlds and gaining his empire over others. God has assigned him to a mission and he will not stop until he can reunite Earth. Now, as we proceed through his life, we will get to see how tough it is becoming for Roman to walk this path. But before talking more about the storyline or plot, let us stop right here. Otakus have been quite interested in knowing about the possibility of a new chapter coming out. So, what is The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 Release Date?

Before going any far with our article, I will answer your questions and doubts. We are definitely getting a new chapter pretty soon. And if you are interested in the release date, please keep reading. The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 release date is on 22nd August 2023. For Indian Otakus, the chapter is coming this Monday. Only for fans in Japan, Australia, Korea, and Indonesia, The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 is releasing on Tuesday. There are 78 chapters of the manga that has been released by the creators. The fans have welcomed them warmly and they are interested to see how Roman Dimitri carries out his work. Before we get to the new chapter, let us take a look back at the manga now.

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The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life: Story Of Roman Dimitri

As I was telling you before, Roman is our protagonist. Now, due to his origin and past history, he might be seen as an antagonist, but trust me, he is following God’s order. God has made him take birth on Earth. Before this new life, he was Baek Joong Hyuk, the heavenly demon from the Murim World. Now, he is just a part of the Dimitry Family. Although Roman is the eldest predecessor of the Dimitrys, he gets replaced by his brother. The second son, in his cunning ways, pushes the worthy Roman out of his way. Now, people often call him a fool.

Now, the story might sound similar after you start reading the manga. A lot of other Korean plots have this type of setup. The protagonist fights against the alien invaders and gradually rescues the planet. As the story progresses, we find out that God not only granted Roman a rebirth but Alexander also got reincarnated. But in this world, in this time, Alexander is the most faithful person to Roman Dimitri. Roman gets help and aid from Alexander. Alexander also becomes more powerful than he was at Murim.

A Recap Of Previous Chapters: What Can Happen In The Next Chapter?

Till now, Roman Dimitri has played his moves politically – he has managed to dethrone his rivals and one of his arch-enemies, too. Benedict always wanted to make Roman his puppet, but due to Roman’s strong tactics, he failed. As days passed, Roman’s kingdom becomes self-sufficient. But this is not the end for Roman. He has some problems ahead of him and as the ruthless leader, he must resolve the issues with all of his might.

In this next chapter, we will see Roman setting the stakes high by proving how dangerous he can be if someone threatens him. Roman Dimitri is not here to stop at any cost. But these are speculations. It is better for you to wait till The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live A Normal Life Chapter 79 release date. To read the manga, you can go to Naver by clicking here.

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