Is Safe (2012) Based On A True Story? Truth Behind The Story

Who doesn’t like watching action thriller movies or web series? Especially when it comes to action pack movies full of crime drama and acting, most of audiences go crazy for it. One such English movie released back in the year 2012, is gaining fans’ love and affection in these recent years.

We know fans can easily make any film reach a higher level of success at any time, here it is to one such movie. “Safe” by Boaz Yakin is a 2012 release in the United States, that made noise in the theatres in those years, but after years there has been a question arising in fans’ minds about whether or not is the movie a true story.

so here we’re with the answer o the question and discussing more about the movie and its cast and the reason why after so many years this movie seems to us as a true incident. Wanna know more, read the article it will give you all the information regarding Safe.

Is Safe (2012) Based On A True Story?

Well, after watching the movie anyone might feel it is based on some real-life incident as it involves the family of the protagonist, the gangsters, murders, and many other crime scenes. Watching the movie the questions have been raised if the movie is adapted from any real-life incident.

So let us clear the doubts, that the story of Safe isn’t adapted or based on any real-life incident. Else it is just a fictional story. the story of Safe is written and directed by the famous writer of other hits, Boaz Yukin. And this story of the film thus comes from his amazing bucket of films with its thrilling plot and crime scenes.

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Plot Of The Movie

Is Safe (2012) Based On A True Story?

The movie begins with the life of the story’s protagonist, Luke Wright played by Jason Statham, who lived a happy married life with his wife. He was a cop investigating some criminals in Russia. Everything was going smoothly and they led a happy life. 

Suddenly, a misshapen in his life, shattered his whole world and within a moment his life was changed from a happy to a traumatic life. One day the Russian gangster killed his wife as revenge for his investigation of their teammates and others. This was the point when Luke’s life took a massive turn he was broken down and now wanted to take revenge from them.

The story then moves to a Chinese girl who has some memorizing power and has memorized some codes by which she can get a big amount of money, and to get her advantage, the group of Chinese triads are behind her to kidnap her and use her power o become rich. Luke addresses the girl and tries to get to know about her story and the reason why criminals are behind her.

Is Safe (2012) Based On A True Story?

Luke one day saw Mie, running away from the triads and the Russian criminals as well. Luke’s mind is struck with a plan of helping the girl and also taking his revenge on those criminals for running his happy life. He helped the girl save her life from the criminals and started planning for a mission that can help the girl and Luke in taking revenge as well. 

As we go to the film’s climax, Luke and Mei are seen sharing a beautiful bond of a father and daughter and also the code revealed by Mei was of an account that holds so much money kept by the triads and mafia. In the end, Luke was able to confront the mafias and triads and seek justice for the little girl. 

Cast Of The Movie

Is Safe (2012) Based On A True Story?

Boaz Yakin’s direction and composition “Safe” was released on August 27, 2012, and has a list of cast members who are known for their best roles in other movies and series as well. Well, it’s their acting and hard work that has made the film look so good and amazing.

Luke Weight played by Jason Statham, and Mei played by Catherine Chan, are the protagonist of the film. The other supporting roles include, Mayor Tremello played by Chris Sarandon, Captain Wolf played by Robert John Burke, Quan Chang played by Reggie Lee, Detective Lasky played by Matt O’Toole, Han Jiao played by James Hong, Alx Rosen played by Anson Mount and many other have been involved in the film cast. 


As a whole the film has been popular for its action-packed scenes, crime, and thriller. The film shows the compassion, and love a man has for the girl when he sees her in trouble and helped her out. It shows that humanity is still alive in some human beings on the planet. 

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