King The Land Chapter 15 Release Date: Gu Won And Sa-Rang Are Finally Coming Closer!

Imagine yourself falling in love with the offspring of a rich businessman. This does not happen too much in real life, right? Well, that is not the case in K-dramas. This trope is one of the most common tropes that you will find in Korean dramas. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is one big example. I think you have already guessed the drama that I am hinting at. Yes, it is King The Land. Did you know that the drama King The Land is based on an ongoing manhwa? If you did not, you will get to know about it here.

King The Land Chapter 15 Release Date

As of now, we have received 14 chapters of the manhwa King The Land. The 15th chapter is going to be released on 5th August 2023. The date is almost around the corner. We do not have to wait longer before we receive the 15th chapter of the manhwa already. Hence, before Chapter 15 comes, you can easily read the previous 14 chapters because you still have time. Is there going to be chapter 16? Yes, we think that there is going to be a chapter 16 of King The Land manhwa.

Chapter 15 is going to be interesting and keep you on the edge. The story is going to progress in the next chapter, and it is going to be more entertaining than the previous one. However, we have got the information that this manhwa is not going to be a lengthy one. The manhwa was made simply to make the readers watch the K-drama of the same name. Therefore, there are speculations that King The Land is going to contain a short number of chapters, unlike other manhwas.

We can assure you that even if this manhwa does not have an adequate number of chapters, you are going to enjoy the plot. The plot is interesting as well as entertaining. It is not at all boring. Although it is quite typical, as I have already mentioned that these tropes are quite common, this manhwa will make you feel all the butterflies without any doubt. You can enjoy this manhwa. If you are a new manhwa reader, I recommend you start your journey with this one because it is going to be short, lovely and compact. You will like King The Land for sure.

King The Land Storyline

The entire plot of the story is based at the King Hotel. Of course, no such hotel exists, if it does, it is a coincidence. In this story, the King Hotel is a fictional hotel. One of Korea’s richest businessmen owns this hotel. He has specially made a lounge for VVIP customers. It is this particular lounge that holds the same title as the series. Yes, you have understood it right. This lounge is named King The Land.

However, it is not the lounge around which the story revolves. The story revolves around the heir of the said businessman. The name of the heir is Gu Won. Gu Won is different from his father. He does not want to do anything with the business.

It is at this hotel where Sa-Rang works. She is a second-year college student who is pretty enthusiastic about everything and anything. Due to her behaviour, she is one of the most loved staff. Soon enough the two cross each other’s path. That is the moment when everything suddenly takes a wild turn because they do not seem compatible at all. However, here is the twist. Even if they are not compatible, it is their story.

King The Land Chapter 15 Expectations

We are expecting that chapter 15 is going to take this story on a new road. The two characters are going to realise that they have an old connection. Although nothing much is revealed about the chapter, we are sure that both Gu Won and Sa-Rang will come to know more about each other. Both Won and Sa-Rang are going to come closer to each other. This meeting will pave the way towards their future. If you want to know more, you will have to wait till the chapter gets released.

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King The Land Reading And Streaming Platform

You can read the manhwa on Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page. However, these two platforms are going to release the Korean version of the manhwa. The English version can be read on Tapas.

King The Land is an ongoing K-drama. The last two episodes of the series are going to be released 5th and 6th August. You can watch the drama only on Netflix if you have a subscription to the platform.

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