Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 Release Date Confirmed! Is The Animated Chinese Drama Releasing Next Year? 

Animated by Studio LAN, another science fiction drama series has recently caught up our attention. From mystery to suspense, from drama to entertainment, and from science to weird experiments, everything you are looking for can be found here. You call it Shíguāng Dàilǐrén or Link Click, it’s all the same. The very second season of this enthralling animated Chinese drama has recently come up on the Bilibili network and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Now that the famous animated series is back with Season 2, we have been highly curious to learn further about the continuation of the tale. It seems like Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 is not that far away from us! According to various online sources out there, the popular Chinese show might soon make a comeback with Season 3.  

Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 Release Date

Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 Release Date Confirmed! Is The Animated Chinese Drama Releasing Next Year? 

Not only you, but we as well are looking forward to Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3. Just like the first installation, the beginning of Link Click Season 2 has also impressed us a lot. Interestingly, this time as well, the animated Chinese drama managed to grab all of our attention. The good thing is there is only a gap of one year between Season 1 and Season 2. This brings us to the main question of the day, is Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 releasing next year?

Well, as of now, the original production house has not updated us about the renewal of the series. But again, we cannot ignore the fact that the animated Chinese show might be renewed soon. Season 2 has begun just yet, so we still need to wait for the final episode! Keeping every possibility in mind, Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 might roll out around the beginning or middle of 2024. Hopefully, in the upcoming months with the conclusion of Season 2, we will get more compelling updates about Season 3.  

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of Shíguāng Dàilǐrén! 

Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 Release Date Confirmed! Is The Animated Chinese Drama Releasing Next Year? 

If you still haven’t binged any episodes of Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 2, then what are you waiting for? This animated Chinese show surely deserves all your attention. From being best friends to opening their very own little photo studio, this show not only celebrates weird science concepts but also teaches us about the importance of friendship. This brings us to the famous duo, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang who are not only friends but also the joint owners of Time Photo Studio! 

As the name of their studio is, their shop is a bit different from the usual ones. They accept all kinds of requests and most importantly, do everything possible to relieve their clients from regrets. As the clients hand over to them a piece of their gallery, Cheng Xiaoshi presses the time travel button and goes back to the moment when the picture was actually clicked! There he tries to observe and absorb all the qualities of the photograph and thus we come down to their next step. 

Meanwhile, in the real world, Lu Guang collects and extracts all the events of the past and thus helps Cheng in the best way possible. The story doesn’t end here as they get only 12 hours to accomplish their estimated goal. With every new episode, you can learn a new lesson from this fun animated Chinese show. Filled with numerous twists and turns, you will surely be fascinated by the power of this duo. 

What Will Happen In Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3? 

Since Season 2 was released just a few days ago, it is still quite early to start our gossip on the storyline of Link Click Season 3. But if the story is continued further, then we will surely learn more about Cheng and Lu’s unique power and intelligence. More interesting customers are waiting for them and we surely can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this duo. That’s not all, but according to a few fan-based theories, we might also see some new characters in the show. Well, as of now, we haven’t received many updates on this, but we will surely keep you posted. That’s all for now, to learn further about other interesting animated Chinese shows, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 Release Date Confirmed! Is The Animated Chinese Drama Releasing Next Year? – FAQs

1. Is Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 2 running on a delayed note?

No, Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 2 is not running on a delayed note.

2. Is “Shíguāng Dàilǐrén” coming back with Season 3?

The all-time popular animated drama series, Shíguāng Dàilǐrén is yet to be renewed for Season 3.

3. When will Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 premiere?

According to our estimates, Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 might premiere around the beginning or middle of 2024.

4. How many total episodes can be there in Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3?

Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3 might hold a total of 12 episodes.

5. Can you watch all the seasons of Shíguāng Dàilǐrén online?

You can try to stream Shíguāng Dàilǐrén, exclusively just on Crunchyroll.

6. Is there any teaser available for Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3?

As of now, there is no teaser or trailer available for Shíguāng Dàilǐrén Season 3.

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