Is The Hunt For Veerappan Based On A True Story? About The Most Wanted Man Of India.

Netflix is popular for its original crime releases. And this week Netflix has been releasing the documentaries of world’s greatest crime and the most wanted criminals of all time from different parts of the world. On one side where Netflix is famous for making and releasing its criminal series, on the other side the man about whom the series was a well-known criminal in India.

The man we are talking about is India’s biggest smuggler and a murderer of Tamil Nadu, Kerela, and Karnataka. Veerappan is the man who was the most wanted criminal in India till now. And no one has yet been born like him. The series released on August 4, 2023, on Netflix, is all about this dangerous criminal.

If you too feel excited to know more about this criminal you’re at the right place. We have covered everything necessary to be read in this article. Hope it excites you while you read the article. 

Is The Hunt For Veerappan a True Story?

Is The Hunt For Veerappan a True Story?

The most common question still arises in the mind f some of the viewers that whether or not this documentary is based on a real-life story. So let us tell you the answer to this question is a big yes. 

Yes, the story of Veerappan is very true and even the man existed in real life, and have even committed so many crimes of smuggling and murdering more than 100 innocent people. He was arrested after so many years of struggle and search by the police.  

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Plot Of The Show

The show is a docuseries, showcasing the life of the most wanted criminal in India Veerappan, his life history, and his journey of becoming a smuggler and such a great murderer is all shown here. All the people who were involved in this case, whether police or politicians, and are alive today, were interviewed, recorded, and shown in the series here.

Netflix, it seems has decided to make the world know of all the truths behind these crimes and criminals. The number of docu-series on crime, it has been released to date has driven the fans crazy, and are too excited to watch this series as well. The series will surely take the viewers to other worlds and make them fall in love with Netflix to release such a great series.

Who Is Veerappan?

Is The Hunt For Veerappan a True Story?

Veerappan the most wanted criminal in India also called “Robbin Hood Of India”, was born on January 18, 1952, in the village of, Gopinatham, Kollegal, in Coimbatore District. He got married in the year 1990, to a girl who was in love with his mustaches and notorious behavior.

Veerapaan initially helped his uncle in the business of smuggling sandalwood and tusks of elephants. Veerappan then turned on to his own business for around 36 years and was famous for kidnapping and murdering people for his advantage.

 Veerappan was first arrested in the year 1972 and since then he started murdering police, politicians, and other people who worked as an informer against him. He has killed almost 184 people and over 3000 elephants were killed to get their ivory and tusks imported to the other countries. 

After Veerappan killed an IFS officer his crime began to come into the eyes of policemen and the Indian government, ordered the police of Tamil Nadu, Kerela, and Karnataka to arrest Veerappam soon. But this was not easy, as it was very easy for Veerappan to travel to countries where he had links with many criminals. 

How And When Was Veerappan Killed?

When the Indian Government ordered the police of three states Tamil Nadu, Kerela, and Karantak to arrest this criminal soon, a special task force was designed to keep an eye on every move of Veerappan for several months. One day, Veerappan and his three companions were made to sit in the ambulance for a medical check-up.

And on the way, the police and special force officers surrounded the ambulance from all sides and in a fight with Veerappan about snatching a gun, he was killed. Not only was Veerappan killed but also all his three companions were killed in the fight. The day October 18, 2004, was celebrated as a glorious day in the country, especially in Gopinatham where people burnt crackers. 

The police said Veerappan’s death seem like the ‘death of a demon’. The burial of Veerappan was accompanied by a thousand people, and of course, on one side where the country celebrated his death, on the other side his family grieved his death. And this was the end of India’s most wanted criminal of all time. 

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