The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know!

India is a massive country. It is no surprise that we have various incidents happening at the same time in this humungous country. Political drama is an everyday thing. Something or the other keeps on happening on an everyday basis. Have you ever thought about it that how political our lives are? We are political beings. Hence, being indulged in the dirty works of politics is nothing new. When Rajiv Sengupta himself gets involves in the dirty mud of politics, will Noyonika Sengupta come to help him? Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka!

The recently released Hotstar special series, The Trial has shaken the audience of India. People are loving Kajol as Noyonika Sengupta. The series not only highlights politics but also highlights the fractures and faults that occur in a marriage and how a woman emerges as the super-lady at the end of everything. In this country, where women are looked down upon, this series holds an important position considering the fact that it talks about women’s empowerment. It clearly shows that a woman can do everything even without a man and that she does not require one to support her. 

If you want to know when the second season of this power series is going to come, you have got your hands set on the right website. Here, we will talk about everything that we know about Season 2 of The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka.

The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka Season 2 Release Date

The first season of The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka has been released on 14th July 2023. The series is already receiving attention from major entertainment news websites and channels. We have been having our eyes fixed on this show for a long time now. Finally, it has been released on the 14th of July, and now, we can call it ours. Yes! You have read it right; the series has been dropped by the creators. Since we have the first season with us now, we are in a position where we can discuss the possibilities of a second season of the show. What do you think? Will the series receive another season? What are the possibilities? If you want to know more, you will have to read this section because we are going to discuss the possibilities here. 

Firstly, in our opinion, we think The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka is going to receive a second season. The ending of the first season has kept an avenue open for a second season to be made. There are possibilities for the creators to return with another run of Hostar’s The Trial. We are speculating that the series may return because all the crumbs of the plot have not been swept clean in Season 1. We need a Season 2 if we want all the threads of the plot to be tied at the end. 

Secondly, the creators of the series have not yet decided if we are supposed to receive another season. However, they will announce their decision soon. Since it is a new series, they will take some time before making their announcement. Hence, it can be concluded that Hotstar’s The Trial has a chance of returning for a Season 2, if not now, soon enough. 

What Are The Creators Saying?

As has been mentioned above, the creators have not said anything about the cancellation or the renewal of the series. We think that they will make their announcement regarding the series’ future pretty soon. As of now, they will not announce anything because it is one of the latest series. We need to give them some time to monitor the audience’s reaction to the series. If the audience reacts positively, the creators will return to it to the public. Considering the plot line and the cast members, there is a high chance that the audience will like The Trial. Hence, we think that the creators are thinking about expanding it. We are hoping that they are thinking so. More information will be revealed soon with time.

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The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka Storyline

So, what is the storyline of The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka? Let us first give you a brief, one-line statement about it. The storyline of The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka is an intense rollercoaster ride. This interests you, right? Let us delve into the plot of The Trial then. 

The entire plot of the show revolves around Noyonika Sengupta’s life. She is married to public figure Rajiv Sengupta. Their marriage is a so-called “happy” marriage, but the illusion does not remain for long. Something goes terribly wrong in their marriage because of which Noyonika’s life is turned upside down, but she tries her best to cope with everything. 

Rajiv Sengupta is a known public figure. He is an important figure and is always in the limelight of every news channel. Rajiv has maintained a clear image all these years, but his real face gets exposed soon. He has been involved in numerous illicit relationships with other women despite being married. As a result, the media gets to know about this soon enough, and his image is tarnished within a span of a few hours. Being a mother of their children and his wife, she is extremely ashamed as she sees her husband getting jailed for his doings. 

Noyonika does not sit back any longer. She decides to revive her career. She has a law degree which she decides to put to use. After not being involved in her area of jobs, she gets a job as a junior lawyer in one of the firms. This is the start of her new journey towards living a life without her husband. 

Will Noyonika Be Successful?

After taking the responsibilities on her shoulders, she tries to navigate through her life. At first, things are difficult for her because being a junior lawyer she gets some important cases to deal with. The other workers of the firm do not see it positively. One of the lawyers goes as far as exposing Noyonika’s personal life in the courtroom. Despite all this drama, she has some supporters at her workplace. In the end, we see that Noyonika has to deal with her own husband’s case. What will she do? Will she be successful? If you want to know more about what happens next, you will have to give this series your attention and time.

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Is The Trial Based On A True Story?

Do you think that The Trial is based on a true story? Well, if you are thinking so, then we will have to pop that bubble. It is because The Trial is not based on any true story. However, who knows, it might become a true story of some lady someday. 

We have got the information from the trailer of the series itself that the show is based on the American drama The Good Wife. The initial plotline of The Trial follows the plotline of the 2009 CBS drama. However, we do not think that it is an exact adaptation of the same. The story of The Trial might have been inspired by The Good Wife, but it does not take up all the things from the parent show. The Good Wife has been an inspiration for The Trial, to be honest. As has been mentioned in the introduction, this show is truly a series about women’s empowerment. Considering the role that Kajol has to play, we think that Noyonika is a powerful character. Her growth as a lawyer has been impeccable and inspiring. 

The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka Behind The Scenes: Cast And Crew

The series, The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka, has a wonderful cast. The Trial is the first web series of Kajol, it is her debut show. Sure, she has appeared in web cinemas like Tribhanga and Lust Stories 2, but as an actress in a web series, this is her first time. She has rocked the show. Kajol plays the role of the lead protagonist, Noyonika Sengupta. Her husband, Rajiv Sengupta, has been played by a Bengali actor who is known for his roles in several films. Jisshu Sengupta has played the role of Rajiv Sengupta. Mr Sengupta is a known actor in the Bengali industry, and he is quite famous. 

The other members of the cast are Sheeba Chaddha, Gaurav Pandey, Aamir Ali, Swayam Joshi, Sheena Chohan, Nancy Gill, Kubbra Sait, Alyy Khan, Aseem Hattangady, Vijay Vikram Singh, Haelyn Shastri, and Nirbhay Jain. 

The series has been directed by Suparn Verma and written by Siddhart Kumar, Hussain Dalal, and Abbas Dalal. The producers of the show include Kajol’s real-life husband, Ajay Devgn. The other producers are Rajesh Chadha, Deepak Dhar, Parag Desai, and Suparn Verma himself. 

The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka Seasons And Episodes

The series is currently having one season. This season of The Trial: Pyaar, Kanoon Aur Dhoka is having 8 episodes. Each episode of the show is going to keep you hooked. You can stream the series only on Disney+ Hotstar. 

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