Deep Fake Love Season 2 Release Date: Will It Get Renewed?

Remember the TikTok video of Tom Cruise that got viral last year? Where he was spotted in a very unexpected manner? Yes. That is what is called a deep fake. This technology lets you copy paste a person’s look on anyone’s face. The extreme accuracy is what makes deep fakes more eerie.

Today we will be talking about such a show which is based on the concept of deep fakes. Hailing from Spain, Deep Fake Love is a new kind of reality show that will be aired on Netflix soon. The first season is all set to release on the app. If you are here to know about Deep Fake Love Season 2, please stay with us for a bit more, and read the following article.

Recently, Netflix has brought an interesting reality tv show to its audiences. The Spanish tv show Falso Amor, or more popular to most of the audiences as, Deep Fake Love, is airing on Netflix from 6th July 2023. From that day onwards, we will get to view the first season on the aforesaid viewing platform.

Deep Fake Love Season 2 Release Date

So, a lot of fans are getting interested about Deep Fake Love Season 2. Right now, there is no official news or confirmation from the makers of this reality show itself. As you all know, tv reality shows mainly depend upon the viewers reviews about the whole presentation. The success of a reality show often lies in the total number of views a show is getting after its release.

Another important factor that is quite relevant in the television show business is the acceptance. Apart from the number of views a show is getting across platforms, the viewer’s opinion is also important to the show makers. How the audience is perceiving the tv show, and what they are thinking, really matters.

We would like to inform you that at this point, we cannot really inform you about the renewal or cancellation of the aforesaid series. The release date of Deep Fake Love Season 2 is not yet answerable. Unlike series, reality shows do not end with uncertain points. Let the show release all of its episodes, and then we can speculate on the basis of the audiences’ reactions.

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Deep Fake Love Season 1: What Can We Expect From The Show?

In the beginning of the article, we were talking about deep fake technology. How this AI based technique can be confusing at times. People can mistakenly address someone thinking that he/she is the real person. Right now, there can be at least thousands of deepfakes around the internet, just waiting to be discovered.

If you ask me, I must admit that, the makers of the show are really creative. The reality TV show, Falsi Amor, or, Deep Fake Love is based on the concept of deceiving. Social media is already getting fooled at times with deep fakes of various celebrities. Things have gotten to a point where we can no longer trust our eyes. In the following show, we will get to see five couples taking part in it.

In a relationship, Trust is one of the most important things that keeps it alive. Without trusting your partner, you cannot go much forward with the union. Like real life scenario, the contestants will have to depend on the level of trust they have between them. As we try to sail forward, we will see how far their trust takes them.

Deep Fake Love Season 1: Team Behind The Show

The Spanish TV show is hosted by Raquel Sanchez Silva. The 50-year-old tv host has been the face of a lot of shows in different viewing platforms. She is now the face of the first season of Deep Fake Love. The show is a lot more different than the usual reality shows you are used to. Five of contestants will be from different backgrounds, and having different stories of their own. The producers will take us through an exciting journey that will extend for 8 episodes.

Soon we will see which pair wins the cash prize and which pair gets eliminated due to confusion. The mixture of boundaries between what is real and what is fake, combined with the hot sauce of relationships will take the audience through an interesting quest.

Things will start to get confusing, scenes will be steamy and more importantly, we might see relationships tumbling down like house of cards. But aren’t we all here for the drama?

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