Tsurune Season 3 Release Date: Minato’s Return And What Else We Know!

Sports anime always holds a special place in our hearts. Does it not? You cannot deny that you were not enticed to watch the other sports anime after Haikyuu. Like the various sports anime that Japan has come up with like Free, Yuri On Ice, and Sk8 To Infinity, Tsurune too is a sports anime. It is a bit different from the other sports anime because the sport that is dealt with here is different from the other more dynamic sports. However, it has gained immense popularity and has already received two seasons. If you want to know if the anime will receive a third season or not, you have come to the right place for the right information.

Tsurune Season 3 Release Date

The newest sports anime Tsurune has already received 2 seasons. The first season of the anime was released in 2019, and the second season of the anime got released recently in 2023. After the end of the second season, people are thinking about season 3 of the show already. Are there any chances for the anime to return? Do we have any possibility? Let us explore the possibilities in this section.

Tsurune has received a good rating from the audience. The ratings are around 7.8/10 on IMDb. Hence, you can understand that the anime is quite popular. Considering the popularity of the anime, there are chances for the return of the anime for season 3. We are positive that the audience will keep on showing love and supporting this show as they did for the last two seasons.

Next, Tsurune has enough material to cover. The original series version of the anime is ongoing. Hence, even if the anime does not have any material as of now to cover, in the upcoming months the creators will surely get more material to cover. We will just have to wait before there is an announcement about the show.

As per the audience’s reaction and the availability of materials, it is positive that the anime has a chance of returning for another season. Now, we will have to consider the perspective of the creators. The creators of the show have not revealed anything about the further continuation of the anime. They have not announced anything about either the renewal or the cancellation of Tsurune. Nevertheless, we are expecting some sort of news about the anime soon.

It can be concluded that season 3 of Tsurune has a chance of returning, but it depends upon the makers of the anime.

Tsurune Story: A New Sports Anime

Like the other sports anime that either deal with volleyball, basketball or skating, this anime is based on Archery. Yes! You read it right! Is not this interesting? We do not quite think about Archery often, but we also should not forget that it is one of the important sports.

Here, the story revolves around Minato and how he is developing his skills in archery. There are various tournaments that this guy takes part in, and he has a team of his own. Including friends, the anime is fun, as we see Minato taking the various archery challenges that are thrown towards him.

In season 2, we see Minato taking part in a festival and showcasing his archery skills there. A mix of traditional Japanese culture with archery makes the anime a perfect one to watch. If you are in search of a good sports anime, that is also light, you can watch Tsurune. The storyline of Tsurune is fun, and you will like it once you start to watch the anime.

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Tsurune Characters And Creators

The characters of Tsurune include Minato Narumiya, Ryohei Yamanouchi, Seiya Takehaya, Nano Kisaragi, Rika Seo, Kaito Onogi, Yuna Hanazawa, Noa Shiragiku, Masaki Takigawa, Tomio Morioka, and others like Kenyu, Otagauro, Eisuke Nikaido, Reiji Aragaki, Koshiro Fuwa, Toma Higuchi, Hiroki Motomura, Shu Fujiwara, Manji Sugawara, Daigo Sase, and Senichi Sugawara.

Tsurune anime is adapted from the light novel of the same name. the novel is written by Kotoko Ayano. It is three volumes as of now.

The anime version has been directed by Takuya Yamamura and written by Michiko Yokote. Tsurune anime is licensed by Sentai Filmworks and Plus Media Networks Asia. It aired on NHK.

Tsurune Episodes, Seasons And Streaming Platform

As of now, Tsurune has received 2 seasons comprising 26 episodes. The anime has also received a film titled Tsurune: The Movie- The First Shot.

If you are willing to watch the anime, you can watch this amazing anime on Crunchyroll. The anime is also available for streaming on HiDive. You can enjoy watching the anime on either of these platforms.

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