How Tall Is Gru From Despicable Me? Unveiling the Height of Gru!

Despicable me is almost one of those movies which everyone out there has once watched and even if you have not been into the entire animated movie genre, you all have felt some kind of soft spot for those yellow squishy-looking creatures called minions for sure. Now one other character from the entire movie series which none of us can ever forget is Gru.

He may have seemed evil and by his looks too, he doesn’t look like a good human, but you actually need to watch the movie to know what kind of a character he is and how much he means to the minions as well as the entire movie franchise. now for those who still don’t know what the movie despicable me is all about its basically about an army of cute little creatures called minions who are basically under the command of a guy called Gru and they have many things to take care of as the story moves on and, in each movie, we get a new mission and new villains to deal with. The movie series is actually very famous and has got a fan base all over the world.

Now as know, the entire movie franchise hasn’t got many characters who have played many roles except the main villains, minions, and Gru, and Gru has always been one of those characters who hadn’t told us much about himself or has always worn a cloak to deceive us and not let us know about the person he actually is.

Now moving forward, we have also received some questions regarding the original height of Gru, and if you watched the movies, Gru surely looks very tall and compared to the fact that he has got minions all around him most of the time, it has never been understood how tall he actually is.

How Tall Is Gru From Despicable Me?

How Tall Is Gru From Despicable Me?

Now the makers of the show have made many comments about the character Gru and told us many things about how his personality has been and other stuff, but no one has cleared us anything about his height. From the looks of him, he surely has got a weird body structure where his legs look super slim and his head and body have got no neck in between almost.

Now Gru always stays around minions which have been the main reason his height of him has been such a big question mark for all the fans out there. However, we haven’t got any proper information regarding this and based on how the fan theories go, we have listed all the possibilities so choose whatever things right for you all.

The first one is that minions are considered to be not more than 2.5-3 inches tall in their real form and based on most pictures and other stuff, we have seen almost it takes nearly 3-4 minions to make up the entire height of Gru, thus his height rages between 8 inches to 10 inches according to most theories.

However, when you google the questions regarding the height of Gru, the first thing that comes up is that he is 14 inches tall and his wife is actually 15 inches tall, which is nowhere stated and just a rumor that has been going on for a long time. Though once the sources are known and based on how popular it is, there is a great chance they can also be true soon.

 Now moving forward, the last theory that we have heard, is that Gru is actually only -6.5-7 inches tall and that is because we really don’t know the height of the minions, Gru is comparatively taller than most other humans, however, he is a human too and thus his height can’t be that much.

But it’s crazy to think that Gru might actually be 14 feet taller, from what we have calculated a minion could be 3’6, and if you look at the movie poster, Gru could fit almost 4 minions in his height, how crazy is that?

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Who Is Gru?

Now Gru as we all know was holding the character of being the main villain in the movie franchise from the first. However, after some time, we do get to see the true nature of Gru, he is actually like a father figure to all the minions out there and though he may not show it, he actually has got a great heart, his main plan was to steal the moon, just out of competitive nature against his friend who stole the pyramid of Giza, but his plans surely didn’t go the way he wanted. Over time he became one of the most loved characters out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How tall are minions?

According to the some reports they are approximately 3 feet 5 inches.

2. How tall is Kevin?

Kevin is about 3 feet tall.

3. Who is the shortest minion?

The shortest minion out there is trivia.

4. How tall is minion bob?

Bob is about 3 feet tall according to reports.

5. What is God’s full name?

Gru’s full name is actually Felnious Gru.

6. What minion has one eye?

Stuart has got only a single eye.

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