Longest Third Date Review And Ending Explained: A Tumultuous Tale Set In Traumatic Times!

The movie cannot be introduced without talking about the pandemic time. 2020 is a year we can never forget no matter how far we go. The closed shops, deserted roads, millions of deaths, unemployment, food crisis and whatnot. Netflix’s latest documentary series, Longest Third Date, takes us back to that vicious year. This time though, it is not to stress over the struggles and dead body counts but to help us join Matthew Robertson and Khani Le as they find themselves stuck on a foreign island with no one to turn to.

Longest Third Date is another ambitious project by Brent Hodge that takes a closer look at Matt and Khani’s blossoming relationships. With the world being shut down and problems being distributed freely, would this wannabe couple find true love? Is being stuck on a foreign island really a curse or a blessing in disguise? Let us find out!

Longest Third Date: The Pandemic Was At Least Better For Some

Longest Third Date Review And Ending Explained

It begins with a simple swipe. Like the better half of the population, both Matt and Khani find themselves on a dating app called Hinge. Both of them are looking for something casual and since the app declares them as a match, they decide to take the chance. The documentary series immediately introduces us to the couple and takes us on their journey as they plan three wonderful dates. Matt asks Khani out on a drinks date which happens to be at an Indian restaurant. It is quite evident that Matt is trying hard to impress Khani by respecting her culture.

Matt takes his game to another level by dragging his best friend, Mike, with him on his second date with Khani. They meet at a bar and hang out for a while which turns out to be quite a long time–almost 1 at the midnight. Though they are still pointedly emphasising their desire to keep it casual, a connection starts to flourish between them. It only gets better when Matt plans the third date!

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How Did Matt And Khani End Up In Costa Rica?

While more than half of the world sees the pandemic as a curse, it was a blessing for Khani and Matt. Initially, they don’t agree but eventually, they succumb to their feelings. Okay, back to the third date! Since Matt is quite an exhibitionist and a professional vlogger, he is all into adventures and scenic spots. When the flight rate to picturesque Costa Rica drops, Matt grabs the opportunity and asks Khani for a short vacation. Being the bubbly, fun-loving person Khani is, she agrees immediately.

The duo finds themselves on a nearly empty flight in March 2020 the next weekend. To them, it was meant to be just a fun vacation with someone they are striving hard to get to know. But then, the twist comes! Khani and Matt find themselves stuck in Costa Rica with no available flights or other means of transportation. Moreover, the motel they rented is closing down and so is the world.

Longest Third Date Ending: Do Matt And Khani End Up Together?

Longest Third Date Review And Ending Explained

While being stuck with practically a stranger is quite awkward, Khani and Matt pull it off graciously. They end up in an Airbnb and start to depict themselves as a married couple enjoying their staycation. Khani had initially lied to her father that this Costa Rica trip is an all-girls adventurous tour. Oh, how the lies backfire when a pregnancy scare shakes them both. Though Matt and Khani have gotten quite comfortable with each other, Khani is still adamant about her no-feelings rule.

As time goes by–79 days to be precise–Matt and Khani find themselves being overpowered by their feelings towards each other. As the couple reveals, Matt was highly uneasy while putting his feelings out there and did not think Khani would reciprocate easily. Since Khani claims to be a tough nut who has been betrayed a lot of times, it becomes interesting to watch her reaction. Thankfully, Khani is on the same page as Matt and has gotten used to staying with Matt.

79 days later, the couple boarded the flight back to New York. On the ride back home, Matt asks Khani about her feelings while maintaining his casual tone–as casual as he could pull it off while he is shaking with nerves. But the official proposal happens at a bar at the end of Longest Third Date when Khani agrees to move in with Matt. See, the pandemic wasn’t just an apocalyptic mess for this swoon-worthy couple.

Longest Third Date Review: A Fast-Paced Romantic Tale Or An Instagram Reel?

Hodge is a popular documentary director who nails this rom-com style Instagram-adapted romance story. In 2020, while we were scrolling through reels and participating in several things including physical exercises and coffee-making skills, Matt’s vlog landed on the Instagram feed of several people. They all immediately got hooked on Matt and Khani’s unique relationship and enjoyed watching them enjoy the pandemic. Sadly, Longest Third Date feels more like an Instagram reel with an added narrative.

The narrative here is quite engrossing with Khani and Matt always being cheerful and forthcoming. But what is the difference between Matt’s 10 to 12-minute vlogs and this 75-minute-long movie? It’s hard to find. Since the makers have used the narration and clips recorded by Matt–which many people have already seen–the movie doesn’t have much to offer. For people like me, who haven’t come across Matt’s vlog, the movie is spectacular. A bit fast-paced, too long and not much to take home. On a scale of 1 to 10, Longest Third Date stands at 7.5 for me.

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