Yali Capkini Season 3 Release Date. When Is The Show Coming Back? Let Us Know! 

Marriages in the earlier days were thought to be the best way to make a boy transform into a man and make him feel the responsibility on his shoulders, of his wife, children, and family. But at times this rule proved to be true, it was wrong for some families as well. Many poor family girls, came in the lure of rich boys who were married to them, and their entire lives went to hell, where they cooked and were slaved.

This series we will be discussing is somewhat like this. It is set in 18th-19th century Istanbul, where a boy and a girl were forced to marry the boy wanted to live his life with his love and the girl wanted to study further and be independent. What is happening next in the series will be known once you read this article to the end.

In this article, the series, “Yali Capkini” is very well explained, along with its storyline, cast involved is mentioned. Not only this but also the release date for its new season will be talked about. So let’s not waste a minute and move further in the article to know more about this amazing Turkish series, “Yali Capkini”.

Yali Capkini Season 3 Release Date 

The show was aired in the year 2022 on Star TV. Along with this when the show gained love and support and was in demand from fans the show was renewed for season 2 and was scheduled to be released on September 15, 2023. But now as it has hit the highest counts of positive responses from the fans, will it be renewed for next season?

Well, the answer to this is yet not confirmed, as the makers of the Turkish drama have not made anything clear about the coming back of the series with its new season. However, it is possible that fans can watch the series coming on their screen by the end of year 2024. Still let us wait for something official to be announced soon, about its renewal for season 3. 

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Plot Of Yali Capkini

One of the most amazing and exciting Turkish series involves “Yali Capkini” in its list. The series begins showing the life of a royal family, with its senior Halis Aga who resides with his son Orhan, his daughter-in-law Gulgun, and his grandchildren Fuat and Ferit. Aga’s elder son Ifakat is a widow, who takes care of his jewelry business and everything in his absence. 

Orhan and Fuat work hard in their shop to keep up the noble name of his Johran family. While Ferit Orhan’s second son is a spendthrift. He neither knows how to study nor do business. The only thing he knows is to love, date girls, and spend money. He is also known to be a playboy of Antep. In order to make him realise his responsibility his grandfather Aga decided to get him married.

Kazim a poor father of two daughters, heard the news of Ferit’s marriage and by his sources set up a meeting with Ferit’s family. On one side, they were talking about Ferit and Suna’s marriage, on the other side Ferit and Suna;s younger sister Seyran fell in love with each other. Ferit asked his family to make him marry Seyran instead of Suna. But the family didn’t just listen to them and their marriage was fixed.

On the day of the celebrations, Seyran and Ferit came close to each other, and Suna and Ferit were married. Now there are two different living beings forced to adjust to each other. Suna is a meritorious girl, trying to study at the university and be independent, on the other side is Ferit, a spoiled brat who decides to continue his relationship with his love Pelin. There will be exciting things to watch if we get season 3 of the show back. 

Cast Of Yali Capkini

The series involves a list of the actors and actresses in the series. the ones in their lead roles involve, Seyran by Afra Saracoglu, Ifakat by Gulcin Santricoglu, Ferit by Mert Ramazan Demir, Suna by Beril Pozam, Orhan by Emre Altug, Gulgun bu Gozde Kansu, Kazim by Diren Polatogullari. these all are the cast members of leading roles in the series. While there is along list of cast in recurring roles. 

Where You Can Watch The Show

The Turkish drama, Yali Capkini is available on Star TV.

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