Laapataa Ladies Is Based On True Story? Addressing The Final Truth!

March 2024 was a boon to all the audiences who love watching Hindi films, and web series. Because multiple numbers of films and series were released in the month of March. But along with that an interesting yet most special film by Kiran Rao was released on March 01, 2024. It actually brought a thunderstorm amongst the fans, because Amir Khan was busy promoting his ex-wife’s film. But the main reason was not their relationship, but instead the money he invested as a producer in the film. The film was titled “Laapataa Ladies”. 

Everyone felt it to be a mere, fashion scene film, or something about the modern-day ladies. But it turned out to be totally opposite. The film was set in a rural area, around 2001, when women were forced to marry. Yes, this is a film that revolves around two ladies from a village. They are newly wed and by luck get exchanged with their husbands. As a result, some of them get a new chance to win in life, while some get to know their real self. Anyway, we will know more about the film in the next panel of the article. But before that let us know the real answers to your most demanded question. Is the movie based on a true story? Finding!

Laapataa Ladies Is Based On True Story?

With the commencement of the film, apart from its makers and the poster’s controversy. There’s a huge kind of confusion going on between the fans, about the film’s basis. Some take a stand for the film to be a real one, while some refuse it to be fictional. Well, then to end up all your fights, drama, and debates. Let us know the reality behind it. Is the film based on a true story? The answer here is a “NO”. The film is not completely based on some real-life story. However, according to the filmmakers, the parts of the films are inspired by some real-life events and experiences. Thus, the film is not meant to hurt sentiments of any race, or caste of anyone. Nevertheless, it is just made for the purpose of entertainment and nothing more than that. 

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Narrative Of The Film

The film features the newlywed couple, who by mistake take another girl with them to the house. As a result, the original one is made to struggle, while the one wrongfully bought, is trying to escape from that village as well. She is trying to buy bus tickets to go to Dehradun, and not even to her actual husband. Why is she going to Dehradun? Why isn’t she willing to go to her husband? And who has been bought wrongfully and where? Everything is clarified in the next part of the article. Read!

The film begins in the te year 2001, in Miramal Pradesh, where Deepka is traveling in a crowded train with his newlywed wife, Phool. At night, Deepak falls asleep, and in a hush to get off the train at his station, he calls his wife. But instead of Phool, he gets off the station with another woman, Jaya. The reason was the same attire of every lady there, and every one covering their faces with a Ghoonghat, as per the rituals. Deepak and Jaya reached his village and were not interrupted by Jaya until he and his family members knew bout the wrong deeds of Deepak. 

Ending Of The Film Explained

Deepak, son rushed to SI Shyam Manhoar to seek help and get his Phool back. Meantime, Jaya disclosed herself, as she never wanted to get married. Instead, she wanted to study organic farming in Dehradun. As a result, she left her husband Pradeep on the train and came with Deepak. And now she is collecting money to go to Dehradun, to complete her studies by selling off her gold jewelry. On the other hand, Phool is living in the station with a vendor, who helped her stay there. 

On one side, where Jaya is starting her new career, Phool is trying to be independent. Until then, Pradeep arrived to take Jaya back home. But she refused and said would, not file a case if she was forced to do so. Deepak’s sister being a good painter, made a photo of Phool. Due to this cops were able to find Phool. And finally, both the lost ladies were back to their new life. Jaya started off studying in Dehradun, and Phool lived happily with her husband and in-laws. 

Where Is The Film Streaming?

Laapataa Ladies is streaming on Netflix.

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