PUBG Mobile is back in India? How to download pubg lite in India after ban?

How to download pubg lite in India after ban

How to download pubg lite in India after the ban: Indian Government banned 118 Chinese apps due to security and privacy reasons and PUBG Lite and PUBG was one of those 118 banned apps. The game was banned under the Information Technology Act of Section 69A. The Indian Government stated in the ban that the … Read more

What is Image Stabilization explained- Types of Image Stabilization | OIS VS EIS

What is image stablization

The technology of the smartphone camera is rapidly improving and advancing because when are we going to compare a mobile phone, camera is one of the main things which comes into consideration. The smartphone camera is built by combining a number of parts from the lens, laser focus system to sensors. Nothing spoils a photo … Read more

Can Alexa be used as a Bluetooth speaker? or Can Alexa Play YouTube – know all the answers

When it comes to a voice-controlled personal assistant and the name of Amazon Alexa is not taken, it will be very wrong. One of the motives of the big tech companies in the advancing world is to make an advanced voice assistant like J.A.R.V.I.S. as shown in the Iron Man movies. And in this race, … Read more

Best Macro Camera Phones in cheap price so far

Are you one of those professional mobile photographers who are very enthusiastic about close-up shots of natural elements like water droplets, small insects, flowers, plants, and many more? Or you love to exaggerate the beauty of things in your photos then you must have a Smartphone in your pockets which is advanced with an efficient … Read more

New Tomb Raider Game 2021 Release Date

It has been a long time since Lara Croft splashes the game screen in Shadows of the Tomb Raider in 2018, but now she is coming back. Last year on November, 23 an announcement is made from the official Twitter handle of Tomb Raider that Tomb Raider Reloaded, a new mobile game is on its … Read more