When Will Bloody Heart Season 2 Release Date Be Announced?

Bloody Heart is a story about love, drama, and politics, it is a historical drama about king Lee Tae and his fight to rule as an absolute monarch, the same first vice-premier Park Gye-Won who helped Lee’s father to depose the king is the same man who is opposing the ideas of Lee Tae, the … Read more

What Does Koffee With Karan Hamper Consist Of?

Koffee with Karan is known for its controversies and juicy revelations made by celebrities. Many arguments and answers to the arguable question have been answered in the show’s previous seasons and the new seventh season. Premiering on 19 November 2004, the show has been in the business for 18 years now, making every season of … Read more

Maggie Season 2 Release Date: Are We Going To Have It Soon?

“Maggie” Hulu’s original show released on 6 July 2022 is a show about a psychic who can know about other people’s futures just by touching their hands but can not determine her future with the same psychic potential. The main character “Maggie” played by Rebbeca Rittenhouse, unveils the future in just a matter of seconds, … Read more

Over The Moon 2 Release Date: Is Netflix Announcing It Soon?

Over The Moon 2 Release Date

Who says that animated movies are made for kids, there is a dark and touching tone behind the colours and music in animated films, and those movies can make you feel the genuine, raw emotions which lack in live-action movies sometimes, we all have an inner, innocent child that makes our truest emotions, so if … Read more