What Is The Movie Atlas With Jennifer Lopez About? 

After dominating the music industry for years, our favourite JLo is back with her movie. Yes, we are talking about Atlas right now – many of you are trying to find out what is the movie Atlas with Jennifer Lopez about.

The movie revolves around a data analyst who finally learns that she cannot put her faith in artificial intelligence. She is trying her best to take down a rogue robot under any circumstances. Apart from talking about what is the movie Atlas with Jennifer Lopez about, we will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is The Movie Atlas With Jennifer Lopez About? The Plot

Atlas recently extended its strides from the movie theatres into the digital streaming platforms. Going right into it let us consider the current scenario first. As artificial intelligence has started developing, it has already made its mark in significant ways. Previously, Hollywood has made movies regarding robots or AI but this time they have made a really good one. All the movie is soring high considering its views, it has got its fair share of negative reviews, too. Many of you who have not seen this yet, must be waiting to ask, what is the movie Atlas with Jennifer Lopez about?

If you want to know what is the movie Atlas with Jennifer Lopez about, it is about revenge. A government scientist fights against a rogue artificial intelligence. The film Atlas takes us forward in time to the year 2071. As the title suggests the movie revolves around the life of Atlas Shepherd, who works under the supervision of the government. She happens to be a data scientist, who analyses data as required – but most importantly, she hates artificial intelligence. All those this sounds strange if you look at it from her perspective, then you will understand the reason behind this hatred.

Two decades ago, in 2023, a humanoid artificial intelligence named Harlan, waged war against humanity. It managed to wipe out a large number of the population with extreme prejudice – coincidentally it was Atlas’s mother who was the sole brain behind the creation of Harlan. With some interrogation less managed to find out that the robot escaped to a distant planet in the Andromeda Galaxy to take down the rogue AI. Equipped with a couple of mercenaries in mech suits, she sets out in a quest for revenge. Will she be able to finally destroy the robot that caused her so much trouble, through all these years?

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The Ending Of Atlas Explained: What Does The Audience Think About This Film?

While the army was still orbiting around the planet, it was Harlan’s drones that attacked the spaceship and destroyed it. Just before the spaceship exploded Atlas managed to save herself by entering inside a mech suit. As the final climax nears, we find out, that Atlas is the sole survivor. Those she hits AI, Atlas has to give her trust to the Smith program, the guiding AI inside the suit. This was an eye-opening incident for her since she did not ever believe in artificial intelligence. Very soon the duo started bonding mentally in order to utilise the best out of the mechanical suit.

After Colonel Banks sacrificed himself, Atlas and Smith found a way out. It took her a lot of trouble to bring Smith back online after Harlan hacked it, but they were confident this time. The last battle was a fool hand-to-hand comeback scene with Harlan, the evil humanoid. As Harlan faces defeat, Smith and Atlas suffer extreme damage. Doctors managed to revive her through difficulties but Smith could not survive at that point. Years later, we see Atlas as a combat specialist who tries out new mech suits. While testing out the AI, she finds it repeating something that Atlas told Smith before passing out. Somehow, it appears that Smith AI is still living, and the duo has more ways to go.

Atlas: Is This Movie Based On A Real-Life Story? What The Audience Thinks About It

Now that you have a clear idea on what is the movie Atlas with Jennifer lopez about, let me clear your doubts. No, Atlas is not based on a true story at all. This is just a science fiction movie that revolves around a rogue artificial intelligence. Despite its youth success, the movie has got mixed reviews from time to time. 

According to some, this movie is just a mixture of Skynet infused with Robocop mechas. I do find this funny because it does not hold any resemblance to the aforesaid names. The film purely starts its journey taking us to a dystopian future where humanity and AI is at loggerheads. Apart from some parts, Atlas seems like a great addition to your list of favourite sci-fi films. If you want to watch Atlas(2024), please head on to Netflix

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