Is Shaitaan Based On True Story? Truth About The Madhavan Starrer

While doing up our parents and wonders to not put trust in strangers. This film, Shaitaan, remains a reality check for all offers who intend to do the opposite. But, is Shaitaan based on a true story?

The film revolves around horrifying supernatural events that plague of family while they are out on a simple trip. When he trusted a stranger, he turned out to be a devil from hell, who started controlling everyone like puppets. Apart from talking about if Shaitaan is based on a true story or not, we will also keep you updated about everything that you need to know about this 2024 Bollywood horror film.

Is Shaitaan Based On a True Story? Let’s Find Out

Life often gives us a chance to be samaritans and help people out while they are in danger. It takes only a little bit of time and kindness to help someone out if they are facing distress. That’s why, in a lot of moments, even if we don’t know someone clearly, we extend our helping hand. And apart from real life, I think every one of you has come across numerous videos with all about ‘restoring faith in humanity’. And trust me, there is no other joy in helping out a stranger even if you have a ton of doubts. But have you ever wondered, how you would react if that stranger turned on you all of a sudden?

The film Shaitaan sends us a message that encompasses such a story. The movie revolves around a family who falls under the claws of danger by trusting an unknown man. The stranger happens to be a master of black magic, and he captures their daughter by casting spells. What happens afterwards will send chills down your spine if you watch the movie. Shaitaan (2024) has already made huge records at the box office after it came out. We have seen multiple media outlets praise R. Madhavan and Ajay Devgn for their impeccable performances – they nailed their characters so well. 

After watching this film, the audience wants to know more about it. So, is Shaitaan based on a true story? Or is this film a pure fiction? If you think Shaitaan is based on a true story, you are wrong. Shaitaan is actually the Bollywood remake of a Gujarati film named Vash – but most importantly the plot of this movie is purely fiction. Even if there are resemblances of incidence the director has not based this movie on anything. This is mostly a manifestation of our fears, a display of emotions and the age-old beliefs regarding presence of black magic in India. 

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Shaitaan: Never Trust A Stranger Again

If you have already watched Shaitaan, I think you know almost everything about this movie by now. But if you have not, yet, please keep reading this section of our article. Shaitaan initially revolves around the peaceful and lovely lives of two people, Kabir and Jyoti – the couple lives in Dehradun in their humble abode. Apart from themselves, they have Dhruv and Janhvi, who happen to be their kids. Since Kabir is a chartered accountant, he can barely make time for his family and take them out. That’s why, when he got a chance for a vacation, he did not refrain from utilising it well.

While they planned to take themselves on a trip to their remote farmhouse, Kabir and Jyoti clearly did not ever expect that their lives were going to get through such turmoil. Soon, on their trip, they come across a stranger named Vanraj Kashyap. Although he was a total stranger, Kabir and Jyoti did not stop their family from trying to know him. They could barely understand, that the smiling handsome man will turn out to be a nightmare for all of them. Everything started right after Vanraj Kashyap offered Janhvi to eat a laddoo. There was something in the darkness, waiting to engulf Janhvi, too.

After consuming the laddoo, Janhvi started to act strange. In fact, she was acting just like the way Vanraj Kashyap wanted her to be. He was a tantrik, a worshipper of hell, and through Janhvi, he started his wrath on Kabir and Jyoti’s family. Soon, she started hitting her brother, ate dry leaves and even started acting like a beast. At this point, she was just a puppet in the hands of Vanraj, who claimed to be a demon, coming from a different world. He wants to spread his dominance. Even after Kabir offers a load of money, Vanraj lights it up on fire immediately. 

The Cast Of Shaitaan And the Official Streaming Platform Of This Movie

Since you have scrolled this far, I am sure you know if Shaitaan is based on a true story or not. Whether Kabir becomes able to save his family from Shaitaan, you will have to see yourself. R. Madhavan has nailed his performance as the horrifying antagonist of this movie. Other cast members of this film include Ajay Devgn, Jyothika, Anngad Raaj, and Janki Bodiwala, who are the family members. This film has become so successful that it has achieved the title of the highest-grossing Indian horror film. As it has arrived on the digital platform, we have high hopes for it to succeed. If you want to watch Shaitaan (2024) please head on to Netflix.

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