Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 Release Date: Will Yi Gun Fall For Myung Yoon?

Have you heard of anyone who has fallen love with their kidnapper? It seems that Missing Crown Prince tells us a story that features such a Stockholm Syndrome. But, when is Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date?

The drama revolves around the secret and mystery filled Kingdom were a prince supposedly gets kidnapped by a girl. As more days pass the prince happens to fall in deep love with his captive. Apart from talking about Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date, we will also tell you everything that you need to know about this Korean drama rom-com.

Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 Release Date: Coming Up Soon

I think the best part about Korean dramas is how they never fail to get you out of boredom instantly. With the onset of the K drama fever that has taken out Gen Z for the quite a few years, I think they are worth a watch. Usually when we start watching a new Korean drama we expect it to be more or less serious. We also expect that the Korean drama we are watching will you fool of characters that has debt and some inner story. But they are might be times when you want to watch a Korean drama only to have fun and experience butterflies while watching the romantic moments.

That’s why, Missing Crown Prince is here; Although this is a hilarious plot considering the comedic moments, I think this is one of the finest rom coms ever made in a Korean Drama category. The story revolves around a boy and a girl who somehow belongs to different levels of their society. One kidnapping incident starts or romance between them that ultimately takes us to somewhere else. Most people who have watch this have started liking this story. It is quite evident from the number of ratings that we get to see on different fan pages.

Many of the fans are wondering about the next episode of this hilarious romantic comedy drama. So, what is Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date? Will it be out by next week? Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date is 4th May 2024, Saturday. This new episode will definitely be worth watching; those of you who were wondering about Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date, be sure to check it out. As far as we know, there will be absolutely no delay in streaming Episode 7. It will come out this Saturday according to the K.S.T.

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Missing Crown Prince: A Hilarious Yet Thrilling Story Of Love

If you have already started watching this Korean drama I recommend that you keep watching it till all the episodes are out. Photos of you who was still hesitant and trying to decide if you will start or not just take some time and read on. Missing Crown Prince start it story by setting in an enigmatic yet beautiful Kingdom. This storyline takes its viewers back to the joseon era of kings and queens. Missing Crown Prince, as the title suggests, starts with the story of Yi Gun. Yi Gun happens to be the Crown Prince of his Kingdom. 

Born with a great fortune, Yi Gun has it written on his destiny that one day he will be the leader of Joseon. As a Crown Prince, he holds great importance and he is basically the key to the kingdom. But unfortunately fate had other plans set for our young Crown Prince. One day while everything was going perfectly, Yi Gun got taken away by a stranger. Her name was Choi Myung Yoon; the security was in order to kidnap the Crown Prince. But there light a huge problem ahead for both of them; it was the kingdom itself, which was perilous and full of secrets.

If somebody managed to capture both of them, it will probably be the last day for Choi Myung Yoon and Yi Gun. Although both of them started their meeting through a quite weird manner, it all started to heal. When they fled from Joseon, the duo spent a day together in different conditions. This was one of the most important factors that ultimately started a soft spot in Yi Gun’s mind. Very quickly, a soft but deep romantic relationship started to blossom between the duo. Will Yi Gun take Choi Myung Yoon as his future wife?

The Team Behind Missing Crown Prince And Official Streaming Platform Of This Rom-com Korean Drama Series

Suho and Hong Ye-ji is here as the actors behind Yi Gun and Choi Myung Yoon, the Crown Prince and his kidnapper girl. Other notable cast members of this Korean Drama include Yoo Se-rye, Kim Min Kyu, Park Seong-yeon, Kim Min-kyu, Kim Sung Hyun, Son Jongheom, Myung Se-bin, Cha Kwangsoo and many others. Since Missing Crown Prince Episode 7 release date is coming up pretty soon, stay tuned. If you want to watch Missing Crown Prince, please head on to Viki Rakuten.

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