Is Siksa Neraka Based On A True Story?

You must have heard about the fearsome image of Hell, right? What if, one day, it all became real? Siksa Neraka (2023) tells us a similar story. But, is Siksa Neraka based on a true story?

The movie starts by showing us a normal imagery of a family in a distant village. Somehow, some members of that family gets transferred to the dangerous realm of Hell all of a sudden. Apart from telling if Siksa Neraka is based on a true story or not, we will tell you everything about this 2023 movie.

Is Siksa Neraka Based On A True Story? Addressing The Truth

From our very childhood we are well acquainted with our religion as well as mythological concepts. All of us have heard about the terminal places that we end up in after death. They are the places which happen to be the final destinations even when we are not alive anymore. Heaven and Hell have fascinated us from the youngest times of our lives. We have heard interesting stories, terrific incidents, and histories behind the formation of hell and heaven. But we don’t usually fascinate about being in Hell, right?

Well, Siksa Neraka (2023) is a film that takes up this challenge and let’s us visit Hell for a change. The movie is about a family who was leading a very peaceful life in their humble abode. Everything started to go wrong from the moment the wrath of Hell started to show up in their lives all of a sudden. Although it came out last year, the movie has not stopped gaining highlights. People are talking about it mainly due to the visually horrifying adaptations of Hell in it. This might be a shorter film, but it depicts what you might be feeling while going down in Hell.

As a result, fans now want to know whether this movie takes it’s storyline from any real life incident. So, is Siksa Neraka based on a true story? Or is it entirely fictional? If you think Siksa Neraka is based on a true story, it is not. The film is totally a fictional portrayal of how Hell might be; there is no such real event that inspired this movie. Although most of the scenes seem to be in real-life, the movie is totally a work of art and imagination. The 2023 Siksa Neraka is not based on a true story at all – everything shown there is taken from the Siksa Neraka comics.

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Siksa Neraka (2023): If Hell Was Real

If you are still stuck on deciding if you should watch this movie or not, let me say this. Siksa Neraka is so terrifying and so violent that a number of boards have banned it. The movie is not yet available in some countries as well, which shows how terrifying violence was shown in this film. Siksa Neraka starts it’s storyline by revolving around a normal family, set in their humble house. There are four children in that family; Fajar, Saleh, Azizah and Tyas shares a very lovely bond with one another. The family appears to be in a happy place considering their state in total.

All of the four siblings have got strict and conservative education from their parents. From the very childhood, they have heard about the mythological stories and religious tales that belong in their roots. Naturally, they have also heard about the typical concepts of Heaven and Hell, too. Since their father was an Ustad, he did not leave any gap in the fabric of their education at all. Everyone in the village used to respect the young Ustad for his knowledge and his experience that he gathered in all these years. Everything was going alright for Saleh and his siblings.

But one night, everything changed for the young Ustad and his family. Saleh and his siblings sneaked out of their house; at night, they were on a mysterious expedition to a neighbouring village. But some mysterious force swept them away in the form of a strong dark river current. When morning came, everyone was already looking for Ustad’s children; but in reality, Saleh and his siblings were in Hell. The scary red hot lava of repentance quickly engulfed them; every hidden sin started coming out on the face of the extreme torture.

The Team Of Actors Behind Siksa Neraka And Official Streaming Platform Of This 2023 Movie

Rizky Fachrel, Safira Ratu Sofya, Kiesha Alvaro and Nayla Denny Purnama is here as Salem, Tyas, Fajar, and Azizah. Apart from them, other notable cast members include Slamet Bahardio, Wina Marrino, Bella Novita, Astri Nurdin, Rency Milano, Inggrid Widianarko, and Joseph Kara. Even if you think that Siksa Neraka is based on a true story, the movie is totally fictional. If you want to watch Siksa Neraka (2023), please head on to Netflix.

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