24 Hours With Gaspar Ending Explained. Stream It Soon!

Crime thrillers have always been the most watched and loved series on the web till now. And when it comes to fights and kicks, everyone of all age groups loves watching them. But then the audiences are also pissed off the same storyline, being crumbled up and presented to them in different ways yet never unique. Keeping in mind the demands and needs of the audiences Indonesian director, Yosep Anggi Noen, decided to bring a crime thriller film, with something unique. The film was officially announced globally on October 6, 2023. But with months passed fans are still exaggerating about the film’s plotline.

What’s so special about this film? Well, it’s nothing much but the protagonist’s will, and outstanding personality. The film simply revolves around the protagonist left with only small hours of his life. And now he is planning to meet and spend a few hours with his lost childhood friend. What do you think, will he be able to find her? And what happened with her actually? Everything is covered in this article, along with its plot and other mysteries disclosed. fine then let us not waste a moment and move further with the film’s discussion.

24 Hours With Gaspar Ending Explained

The film 24 Hours with Gaspar, ends with a flashback of memories of Gaspar and his childhood friend Kirana. But who is Kirana? And why did he love her so much? Gaspar and Kirana have been best friends since their childhood. They shred a lot of memories in the past. But years later, she went missing and there was no news about Kirana. As Gasper grows stronger and older, he becomes a detective and soon, he finds out that Kirana was sold to human traffickers by her own dad. And, so Gasper decides to take revenge on Kirana’s dad, for separating them. The journey of Gasper taking revenge on Kirana’s dad is all shown in the film But first, let us cover, how the film ends. The film ended with Gasper rushing in his motorcycle and soon he gasped away. He wasn’t breathing and was all claimed. While the villagers rushed towards him, none saw him to be dead or alive. Instead, they were all busy robbing the dead man. 

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Narrative Of The Film

24 Hors with Gasper, starts with a flashback memory of him and his best friend from childhood, Kiranan playing alongside. Until, one day he realizes that Kiranai is missing somewhere. After waiting for years, he was bothered and irritated to never know the facts about her. But once Gasper was old enough to fight in the world, he was a well-known detective in his town. And through the sources, he always wanted to find out about Kirana. Gasper found that her father Wan ALi, had sold her to human traffickers in the greed of money.

Gasper, unfortunately, suffered from some disease, and now he has only 24 hours left in his life. And he wants to spend his last hours with his best friend. To fulfill his plans, all his friends make up a plan to rob Wan Alis’ jewelry store. But they were unaware of the fact that this would be against them only. How? Let’s know! The film moves ahead, with Gasper and his teammates, entering the shop with the key Yadi had with him. As they entered, Wan and his friends were already available to have drinks and fun there. 

Did Gasper Die Without Meeting Kirana?

Wan Ali found Gasper and his team entering his shop to rob. Wan ordered all of his bouncers to follow them. As a result, all the bikers were chased by the bouncers of Wan Ali. Gasper already decided not to fight anymore, but Agnes forced him to finish the game they had started. Agnes went and tried to mislead Wan and his team. On the other side, Gasper had a hold on Wan Ali and started to investigate Kirana.

When Wan didn’t open his mouth, one of his fingers was cut by Gasper. Which he used later to open the door, of his warehouse. And to everyone’s shock, Gasper found many little girls, being captivated and ruled there by dacoits. He indulged in a fight and freed all the girls. While, upon searching he found his little friend Kirana, locked up in a black box. For the last tie, he took his motorbike and went on a ride. When on his way, Gasper lost his breath and fell dead. The villagers came up to catch all the gold from him and didn’t help him. 

Where Is The Film Streaming?

The film is streaming on Netflix.

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