MS Dhoni And MC Stan Advertisement Public Reaction: Let’s Take A Look 

Advertisements are the best way to reach into the hearts of public. That’s why any brand aims to do their best with any kind of ads. Recently Fire Boltt has produced an ad that has created mixed reviews. In this article, we will let you know about the MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement public reaction.

Both MS Dhoni and MC Stan are one of the biggest of India. In this ad, they have come together for promoting the brand Fire Boltt. You might have noticed some pieces of MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement public reaction in social medias. We will also talk about the celebs and will tell you what they are doing now.

MS Dhoni And Mc Stan Advertisement Public Reaction: Brand New Collaboration

The world loves to see different universes coming together, don’t they? Starting from comicbook fans craving for DC x Marvel crossovers, we know what people love. That’s why, it is the best way to convey a message to the poeple. You might have heard about a company which mainly sells excellent smartwatches in India. Along with other popular brands like bOAt and Noisefit, Fire Boltt has managed to create a wonderful place for themselves. The brand is scaling itself at an extensive rate, thanks to their B2C business model. 

Probably last week, they released an advertisement that has made headlines throughout the social media platforms. Two big personalities have come forward for an advertisement. Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni has joined hands with Altaf Shaikh, more popularly known as MC Stan. MS Dhoni has been a successful cricketer for India in ICC and Chennai Super Kings in IPL. He is a great tactical head, and his accurate vision has made people call DRS as Dhoni Review System. MC Stan is one of the big names in Indian Rap game. He was the winner of a lot of reality shows like Big Boss Season 16.

So, what is MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement public reaction? A lot of people have watched this. MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement public reaction is mixed. Some of them has liked this while others have given their negative reviews. Most fans of Dhoni have taken it to X and trolled MC Stan- “Rare picture of MSD wasting his time”, “Dhoni with Chapri”, etc. But overall if you look at the matter, MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement has made headlines on social media. There a lot of comments under Instagram posts too, mostly trolls who are criticising Dhoni. They hated his involvement with such a controversial personality.

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MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement: Fire Boltt’s New Product 

It looks like a smartwatch but you can use it just like a phone. Just like MS Dhoni used it to check who MC Stan is while being sneaky. Sounds interesting right? Titled as #GaleTohMil, the videos have achieved great heights. As of now, I can tell you that Fire Boltt has been successful in their latest ad campaign. I know about MS Dhoni and MC Stan advertisement public reaction, but the video is really funny. It shows MC Stan and MS Dhoni hugging it out at first.

MC Stan asks Dhoni if he knows who he is – unfortunately Dhoni could not answer it at that second. He takes some time to manage it and hugs Stan – behind, we can see him searching Stan on google. He is using the new Fire Boltt android smartwatch cum wristphone. Afterwards, Stan asks Dhoni if he loves his raps or not. MS without hesitation, hugs him again for looking up Stan on his Instagram handle. Since his last concert was in Gachibowli, Hyderabad, MS saves himself. He easily maneuvered himself out of this tough situation.

The duo shares a laugh and greets each other as they meet in a party. In another version of the ad, you can see MC Stan asking ‘Mahi-bhai’ to subscribe to his YouTube channel. This advertisement is hilarious considering how embarassed Dhoni was when Stan came face-to-face. The look on Mahi’s face when Stan was doubting him is indeed funny. But don’t worry at all. Even if you get in tight situations like MSD, Fire Boltt has got your back. 

Everything You Need To Know About Fire Boltt’s Recent Advertisement And The Wristphone 

With the recent developments in technology, almost every one of you might have a smartwatch at this point. Well, I am sure most of you don’t use it to only see the time. Maximum usage of smart watches are for tracking your progress in calories, measuring heartbeat or simply to achieve 10,000 steps a day. Fire Boltt has taken this to a next level by launching their new Wrist Phone.

You can open google search, follow someone on Instagram, check Youtube videos out. Since this is an android smartwatch, you can do pretty much anything you can do in your android smartphone. For more information you can check out this latest ad on Fire Boltt’s official Instagram handle.

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