Onmyōji Season 2 Release Date: All Details Listed!

There are a lot of famous web series which are a part of Netflix. One of these series is “Onmyōji” which is an anime series. With the first season, this series has gathered almost a huge number of fans. It is due to the quality of the anime series that people have loved it so much. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the news about the Onmyōji season 2 release date. This article gives information about the release date, plotline, and much more about the second season of the series. Read this article till the end to find out everything about the second anime.

Onmyōji Season 2 Release Date

Till now there is no confirmation about the second installment of the anime series. This series got a lot of popularity just after its release. People who have watched the series have loved the first season a lot. They have now engaged their minds into the release date. People are very eager to know the confirmed date for the second season. But there can be some expectations which can be made through various sources.

However, this is not based on concrete information. But the second season will most likely be released in 2025. Before that, there is no chance of the release as the first season is still being broadcast. Also, the writers have not confirmed anything about the second season. But there is a lot of story left to be shared so the second season will happen. Fans can rest assured that they will get their hands on the second season of the series. This Japanese Anime series has won the hearts of the audience. And now these hearts are throbbing for the next season. Now let’s see about the plotline, cast members, and more ahead in this article.

Onmyōji Season 2: What Will Be The Plot?

As there is no confirmation about the second season there is no official plotline as for now. However, a more thrilling second season can be expected by the makers of the series. Since it has made a huge fan base the second season of the series has now become the most awaited season. The plot of the second season will continue the story ahead as there is a lot of story yet to be told. Its story is an adaptation of a light novel in which there is a lot of content from where the story could be developed. The first season has a wonderful storyline with such fantastic cast members.

Its first season has been released on 28th November 2023 and is currently being broadcast. The plot of the first season is about Abe no Seimei who is the protagonist of the series. There is another character named Minamoto no Hiromasa who is the bumbling court noble. Both of them become good friends and the story continues. Ahead in the story, they could be seen defending the Heian-capital Kyou from one opposing Onmyoji. Douson is the villain of the game who is planning for the assassination of the emperor. Now together will these friends be able to save the king? This is what the whole plot is about. It is a very exciting and thrilling series to watch. All anime fans should give it a try as they will love it.

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Onmyōji Season 2: Everything About The Cast Members

A whole season is being run and it seems quality and worth watching. There is no complaint about the cast members doing any wrong. All the cast members are already known for their acting skills in previous series and shows. They are extremely talented and they are most likely to continue in the next season. Now what about the cast members in the second season of the anime series? Who fans can see in the second instalment of this wonderful anime series? There will be little to no changes in the cast members list.

This extremely skilful cast includes Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Kishio, Rina Satou, Yui Ishikawa, Kenji Hamada, Shintarou Asanuma, and so on. All of them have done an equal part in making this show so successful. Fans want to watch their favourite actors back into action very soon and so will they. The second season will be released and that too very soon.

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