Charitraheen Season 3 Release Date. When Is The Show Hitting The Screens?

Already experiencing the amazing plot of the three L’s- Love, Lust, and Lies. the series is being loved by the fans of the Indian web series for its two seasons continues. No after the early termination of Chartiraheen’s season 2, fans do believe in its new upcoming season 3 to hit their screens Bu is it for real? will it come for sure? If yes, where you can watch its new season? 

Come we will tell you everything about favorite lust stories series. Not only the release date for its new season is disclosed but also the main plot of its new season, and the cast list. If it remains the same for this other season are fans going to see some changes? All of this is answered in the next panel of the article. so let us not waste a moment and move further knowing the truth about the story completely. 

Charitraheen Season 3 Release Date

In the year 2018 when Charitraheen made its debit first on Prime Video and Youtube, neither the makers nr did the fans believed that it will be loved so much all over India and that it will be demanding for its new seasons soon. after the release of the second season in the year 2019. After years of gap, the series has been renewed to release its season 3 on December 24, 2023. 

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Premise Of Chartitraheen 3

Charitrhanee is a most-watched Bengali web show, that is based on the novel written by the Bengali writer Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. He wrote the novel which is full of lust and love. But the series adds up the bold scenes during its direction under the leadership of Debaloy Bhattacharya. Both of the seasons have been the most enjoyed series on the web for Indian fans.

All episodes in the series have been a new story, full of love. Apart from love, the series portrays the lust of humans and of course the betrayal the relationships these days face, only because of love. Every character is unique in its style, portraying the role in the best they can do, and of course, the impact these bold scenes have on the fans is noted to be for the adult creation and not children of age less than 18. 

On one side where Charitraheen gained a love for its bold, nude scenes, on the other side, it was hated by the critics for not being appropriate to be launched and released as a part of society. But still, the series is going on till now, with writers and directors working on their part and fans working on their art to demand for the new seasons to be released soon, without a time gap. 

Cast Of Charitraheen

As mentioned Charitraheen na Indian-Bengali Indian web series, has from its two seasons and every episode has a different story, showcasing different kinds of love ad lust in it. thus every episode has a different cast member, which becomes difficult to mention every time. But some of them are there who have left an imprint on the hearts of their fans. Let us find out who are they.

The cast list of Charotraheen includes, Bhuapl by Sourav Chakraborty, Satish by Gourab Chatterjee, Haran by Saurav Das, Kiranmayee/Leena by Naina Ganguly, Sabitri by Saayoni Ghosh, Bhawal by Shweta Bhattacharya, Abhay by Ayan Bhattacharjee, Binodini by Sayani Ghosh and many more are there who have made this series look good enough to be loved by all the fans out there. 

Where Is It Streaming

The show is streaming on the original platform Hoichoi in Bengali and also on Prime Video.

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